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Frequently Asked Questions about the Principal Certification

  • How long will it take to complete this program?

    Most participants will complete the Principal Certification Program within a year.

    Do I need a master's degree, or can I work on that degree while working on the certification?

    Yes, you need a master's degree before you can enter the program. If you don't already have a master's degree, there are several programs in the Professional Studies in Education Department; however, you would need to complete that degree before admittance into our program.

    Will I still be able to teach while working on my Principal Certification?

    Yes. This is a performance-based program, and it is designed to allow you to maintain your teaching position while completing coursework.

    What is the schedule of the program?

    The program requires a three-credit introductory course, EDAD 756, and two six-credit internships (one elementary and one secondary) in the candidate's school district. The internship requires 360 hours of work, 180 hours at the elementary level and 180 hours at the secondary level.

    Where is the seminar course, EDAD 756, offered?

    EDAD 756 is the only course held on campus. It is conducted in a face-to-face format on the IUP main campus in Indiana, Pa.

    Do I need to apply to the Graduate School?

    Yes. Applying to the Principal Certification Program is a two-part process. Please see the Application Requirements area to see what is required by the Graduate School and by the program. Once everything has been received, an admissions decision will be made.

    Once I know that I have been accepted into the program, can I get a head start on my reading?

    Yes. Please see the course syllabus.