Success Stories: Adult and Community Education MA

  • Toni BlagmonToni Blagmon '13

    Contact Representative, Social Security Administration

    “During my study in the ACE program, I was able to gain much needed knowledge on leadership, training, and teaching. I have been able to use all of these to enhance my leadership and training skills. The most compelling objective I have acquired from my experience is how to foster a positive learner-teacher relationship.”

    Alisa DrewsAlisia Drew '13

    Assistant Director of Health and Wellness Promotion and Women's Programs, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    “Prior to enrolling in the ACE program, my ‘passion tank’ was on “E.” My experience as an ACE student instantly refilled my tank and renewed my passion for education and lifelong learning. I use the skills and knowledge I gained every day in my professional practice.”

    Ashley Henderson 177Ashley Henderson '13

    Advisor, Graduate! Philadelphia

    “I made the best decision to apply and enroll in the ACE program. The ACE program allowed me to gain a refined understanding in planning, development and issues concerning diverse learners. Most people can only hope to experience personable educators who truly practice what they teach.”

    Jessica DJessica Dick '12

    Rehab Specialist/Practitioner, Westmoreland Psychiatric Rehabilitation

    “The ACE online master’s program has been extremely beneficial to me. It’s allowed me to achieve my educational goals while working, gaining the experience I needed. I recommend this program to anyone interested in working with adults.”

    Cydney Daniel 2Cydney Daniel '11

    Director of Housing and Case Management, Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force

    “The ACE online master’s program facilitated my professional growth and development in my career field. It’s helped me expand my creativity in program planning and organizational development. It also provided me an opportunity to apply real-world situations within the classroom setting.”

    Greg NullGreg Null '09

    Director of Student Services, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics

    “ACE helped me move forward with my career goals, giving me the skills I need to work with adult students. The ACE professors are the best in the business, and they go the distance to help you succeed. I recommend this program to anyone who wants a rigorous adult education program with local roots.”

    Denise BuckeyDenise Buckey '09

    Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator, Visiting Nurses Association of Western Pennsylvania

    “The ACE online master’s program is one of the best decisions I have made. The online flexibility was a good fit for my career and academic goals. I now use learning theories on a daily basis to provide nutrition and diabetes education.”

    Elizabeth HarkeyElizabeth Harkay '09

    Program Director/ Associate Professor, Community College of Allegheny County

    “Finally being able to put a name and identity to the work I’d been doing for many years was gratifying. I learned to be more confident in my work as an adult educator. It’s been of great benefit to me and my students to experiment with new learning techniques in the classroom/lab setting.”

    Ron SkenaRon Skena '09

    Technical Writer, Emerson Process Management

    “The ACE online master’s program has taught me the difference between learning as a youth and learning as an adult and the importance of healthy communities and community involvement. I recommend the ACE program to anyone interested in a challenging, life-enriching journey in education.”

    Angela Isabella 3Angela Isabella '07

    Director of Faculty Development, All State Career School

    “My ACE courses helped me to develop a more effective curriculum and more effective training for our instructors so they can be better teachers. The professors in the ACE online master’s program are great and flexible, and they give you the tools to move forward in your own career.”