Dr. DeAnna Laverick

  • Dr. DeAnna Laverick

    Assistant Chairperson, Department of Professional Studies in Education

    Coordinator, MEd in Literacy/Reading Specialist Certification Program 

    Director, Literacy Center

    Contact Information:

    Office: 323 Davis
    Phone: 724-357-2400
    E-mail: D.M.Laverick@iup.edu

    Academic Qualifications:

    • BS, Elementary Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • MEd, Reading, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • DEd, Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • Certifications: Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Principal, Reading Specialist, and Elementary Education

    Academic Interests:

    • Literacy
    • Children’s Literature
    • Creativity
    • Qualitative Research Methods

    Course Specialties

    • ECED 351 Literacy for the Emergent Reader PreK-Grade 1
    • ECED 221 Literature for Young Children and Adolescents
    • LTCY 770/771 Seminar and Practicum for Reading Specialists I and II
    • Creativity and Play for All Learners PreK-Grade 4

    Personal Narrative

    Dr. DeAnna Laverick is a former elementary school teacher. Her experiences include teaching kindergarten and sixth grade, along with being a reading specialist in the elementary school grades. At IUP, Dr. Laverick primarily teaches graduate and undergraduate courses related to literacy.

    Dr. Laverick has co-edited with Dr. Mary Jalongo Transitions to Early Care and Education: International Perspectives on Making Schools Ready for Young Children. She has written book chapters on topics that include early literacy, technology in early childhood education, and creativity. Additionally, Dr. Laverick has published journal articles on topics that include children’s transitions to new school experiences, using technology to promote literacy, artist residencies to support early childhood preservice teachers’ knowledge of arts-based teaching, using children’s literature to support children’s transitions, and the impact of graduate coursework on a teachers’ use of technology.

    Dr. Laverick is currently writing a Springer Brief on mentoring in higher education. Dr. Laverick has made several conference presentations on topics that relate to early childhood education, creativity and arts-based teaching, technology in education, and literacy.