Dr. Beatrice Fennimore

  • Beatrice FennimoreContact Information:

    Office: 110 Davis
    Phone: 724-357-7763
    E-mail: bzfennim@iup.edu

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    Academic Qualifications:

    • BA English Literature, Saint Joseph's College
    • MS Special Education, Brooklyn College CUNY
    • MEd Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Teachers College, Columbia University
    • EdD Curriculum and Teaching, Teachers College, Columbia University .

    Academic Interests:

    My academic interests are focused on teaching and teacher education. In that work I am deeply concerned about the many children in the United States and around the world who experience the hardships associated with poverty, racism, discrimination, and inequitable opportunities to become educated. My commitment to a world that honors and respects all forms of human difference and protects the equal human rights of all children has led me to many exciting and fulfilling educational experiences. My research is focused on conceptual analysis of issues related to teaching and teacher education that I believe are central to social justice and equal educational opportunity. My books, book chapters, and articles have enabled me to try to hopefully inspire all educators to excel in their practice and to stand up and advocate for all children who are marginalized by inequality and discrimination.

    Course Specialties:

    Courses that best reflect my expertise are those focused on multicultural education, anti-bias education, school and social policy, issues in public school equity, curriculum, school reform, social studies, qualitative research, special education, and multiple facets of early childhood and elementary education.

    Personal Narrative:

    I consider myself first and always to be a teacher. I have always loved teaching; it has given great meaning to my life. Since coming to IUP in 1987, I have also considered myself to be a dedicated teacher educator. I have taught over 60 different courses in every department program on and off campus, including the Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program, Administration and Leadership doctoral program, Master’s in Education programs offered on and off campus, a collaborative undergraduate teacher education program at a community college, and a variety of undergraduate programs in early childhood special education, early childhood education, and elementary education on campus. Every course I teach provides me with the opportunity to encourage students to see the ways in which outstanding educators committed to advocacy and human rights can change the world. In addition to my teaching at IUP, I served for over 25 summers as an adjunct professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, where I was also a visiting professor for the 2008–09 academic year. I am on the Advisory Board for the Early Childhood Series of Teachers College Press as well as on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education. I am also currently cochair of Section 4 of AERA Division K: Multicultural, Inclusive, and Social Justice Frameworks for Teaching and Teacher Education PK-16+ Settings.

    My books include Standing Up for Something Every Day: Ethics and Justice in Early Childhood Classrooms (Teachers College Press), Promoting Social Justice for Young Children (co-edited with Dr. A. Lin Goodwin, Springer), Talk Matters: Refocusing the Language of Public Schooling (Teachers College Press), Student-Centered Classroom Management (Wadsworth/Delmar/Cengage), and Child Advocacy for Early Childhood Educators (Teachers College Press). Titles of chapters I have written for edited books include “Talk about Children: Developing a Living Curriculum of Advocacy and Social Justice,” “Historical White Resistance to Equity in Public Education: A Challenge to White Teacher Educators,” and “Moving the Mountain: Assessment and Advocacy for Children.” My journal articles include “Permission Not Required: The Power of Parents to Disrupt Educational Hypocrisy” (Review of Research in Education), “Brown and the Failure of Civic Responsibility” (Teachers College Record), “Equity is Not an Option in Public Education” (Educational Leadership), and “Know Where you Stand and Stand There” and “Responding to Prejudiced Comments: A Four-Step Method that Works” (Childhood Education).

    I am the mother of two grown daughters and the grandmother of four wonderful children. Almost everyone calls me “Beezie,” and I am an avid racewalker who regularly enters 26.2-mile marathons, half-marathons, and 10K or 5K races. I am also a dedicated gardener at home with my husband and two rescue dogs in Pittsburgh, which makes me very appreciative of the ways in which the Allegheny Arboretum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania has beautified our lovely IUP campus.