1. Competitive bidding will not be solicited for commodities or services purchased from commonwealth contracts, commonwealth warehouse, State System of Higher Education contracts, through public agencies such as Pennsylvania Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (PIBH), or other commonwealth agencies.
  2. Sole source procurement will be considered if one of the following conditions exists:
    • Only a single vendor is capable of providing the goods, service, or construction item.
    • It is clearly not feasible to award the contract for goods or services on a competitive basis (e.g., services for guest lecturers, artists, and musicians).
    • A federal or state statute or regulation exempts the award of the contract from the competitive process.
    • The services involve the repair, modification, or calibration of equipment, and they are to be performed only by the manufacturer of the equipment (or an authorized dealer), provided that the contracting officer determines that bidding is not appropriate under the circumstances.
    • The contract for supplies or services is in the best interest of the commonwealth.

A Sole Source Contract Certification form, obtained through the Procurement Services office, must be completed by the requisitioner and submitted to Procurement Services for consideration.The appropriate contracting officer will review the form and will forward it along with a recommendation to the president and vice president for Administration and Finance for approval or disapproval. If the sole source procurement is approved locally, the contracting officer will submit the form to university legal counsel.Legal counsel will either approve or disapprove the certification and return it to the contracting officer for further processing.