Step 1:

Header Note

Enter the following information on separate lines in the Header Note section of the Purchase Requisition:

  • Advertising Request
  • Type of Advertisement: (Ex: Classified)
  • Title of Advertisement: (Ex: Technology Support Analyst Position)
  • Size of Advertisement: (Ex: 2 column x 6 inches)
  • List the Vendors to advertise with.
  • Include the "advertisement run dates" below the vendor's name.

Step 2:

Item Overview area of the Purchase Requisition

  1. Start with entering (K ) for Cost Center or (G) for Grant in the "A" Column .
  2. Tab to the Material Group Column and Click on the match code icon. Select 00892 SRVC-OTHER PROF.
  3. Tab to the Short Text Column and enter "Advertising Request."
  4. Next Tab to the Quantity Column and enter "1."
  5. Tab to the Unit Column and enter "EA" (each).
  6. Tab to the Delivery Date Column and enter the "advertisement run date."
  7. Tab to the Valuation Price Column and enter $1.00. Note: The cost of the advertising will be determined by Purchasing Services when we shop for quotations from the vendors you wish to advertise with.
  8. Tab to the Requisitioner Column and enter your first initial and last name.
  9. The Desired Vendor Column will be left blank. Note: All the vendors you wish to advertise with were listed in the Header Note section above.
  10. Next Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 3:

Item Detail - Account Assignment Tab

  1. Enter the following information in the Account Assignment Tab:
  • Recipient (responsible department person for the advertisement)
  • GL Account Number (Commitment Item) 607100 (Advertising)
  • Cost Center or WBS Element (Grant)

2. Hit the Enter Key

Step 4:

"Hold" the Requisition.

  • Click on the hold button located on the Purchase Requisition toolbar

Note: A requisition number will be assigned and will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • Make Note of the requisition number, you will need this for future reference

Step 5:

Attachments - Advertisement (This will be done using SAP transaction ME53N)

Please be sure to attach the advertisement in Word document form to the requisition.

Note: You can only add attachments to the requisition in "Display" mode.

Go to ME53N (Display Requisition) Note: Do not click "Change"!

  1. Click on the Services for Object Button .
    • located directly under the green circle with check mark on the top left of the screen
  2. A drop screen will appear. Move the cursor to "Create," continue to move the cursor to the right to "Create Attachment" and left-click on the mouse.
  3. The Import File Box appears on the screen.
  4. Search the hard drive for the file you want to attach and double-click on the file to attach to the requisition.

Step 6:

Reviewing Attachment(s):

1. To view the attachments on the purchase order, click on the Services for Object button .

  • located directly under the green circle with check mark on the top left of the screen

2. When the drop screen appears, move the cursor to Attachment List and left-click the mouse button.

3. The Service Attachment list screen appears. The screen lists all attachments associated with the requisition. To view an attachment, select attachment and double-click the left mouse button.

Step 7:

E-mail Purchasing with Requisition Number:

Once you have entered your requisition and successfully attached the "ad copy," e-mail Kathy Lucas ( with your "held" requisition number.

Step 8:

Purchasing will review the requisition, shop for quotations, and change the requisition to reflect the pricing. The department requesting the advertisement will then be contacted to approve the changed requisition.

Note: The advertising request will not be filled until the requisition is successfully approved!