Name Title Committee
Ackerman, Robert Sociology Professor, Director of MAATI
Amadou, Adeniyi Men's B-Ball Athlete Current Practices
Appolonia, Terry Sr. Associate to V.P. for Student Affairs Current Practices - chair
Arnett, Marjorie Rep. of College of Fine Arts Best Practices

Barnett, Larry President of the PA Tavern Association/Indiana Co Best Practices
Bell, Bob District Attorney Best Practices
Bence, Carrie Collective Action Against Underage Drinking (CAUUD) Current Practices
Black, Christine Rep. of College of Health and Human Services Best Practices-chair
Briscoe, Roger Psychology Department Faculty Best Practices
Cawley, John Assist. Director of Emergency Room Services at IRMC (Alt.) Best Practices
Condino, Frank Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Literature Review
Dipple, Joey Resident Hall Association President Current Practices
Dotty, Cathy Director of The Open Door Current Practices
DonGiovanni, Vito Clinical Psychologist representing IUP Alumni Literature Review
Easton, Jenny The Penn Literature Review
Field, Kevin Student, IFC Representative (Alt.) Best Practices
Finnegan, Caleb Advisor to Alt. Spring Break Current Practices
Fisher, Lauren Women's B-Ball Athlete Best Practices
Fryling, Michelle Communications Literature Review
Gibbons, Don Director of ERS at Indiana Regional Medical Center Current Practices
Gorman, Robin Interim Ex. Asst. to the President
Hall, Linda Rep. of College of Edu. and Educational Tech. Literature Review
Habrel, Guy Community Member Current Practices
Henry, Dana Chamber of Commerce Best Practices
Hindman, Chris Grad Student representing University Senate Literature Review
Hood, George Mayor Indiana Borough Literature Review
Horst, Megan Student, Pan-Hellenic Council Representative Current Practices
Lemasters, Mike Student Affairs Literature Review
Lind, David Communications Media Current Practices
Luckey, Rhonda Interim V.P. for Student Affairs
Lyttle, Mary Jo Ex. Dir. Of Alumni Relations Best Practices
Maier, Christopher Math Dept. Faculty Representing Univ. Senate Literature Review
Montgomery, Bill Director, Public Safety
Murphy, Shaun Haven Project Best Practices
Norris, Nikki President of the SGA Best Practices
Novels, Alphonse Rep. Of College of Humanities and Social Science Literature Review - chair
Oblitey, Bill Rep. Of Council of Chairs Literature Review
Oegema, Joost Graduate Student Assembly Best Practices
Perez, Elvin Vice President, LaSO Current Practices
Reardon, Dan Non-traditional Student Current Practices
Reetz, Emily Resident Director Current Practices
Roehrich, Laurie Rep. Of College of Natural Sciences and Math. Current Practices
Sasso, Jessica Student Pan-Hellenic Council Representative (Alt.) Literature Review
Scales, Lonnie Alpha Phi Alpha Member Best Practices
Scott, Pat Northpointe Regional Campus Representative Literature Review
Sell, Mike Advisor to Pi Lambda Phi Current Practices
Sesti, Ann Asst. Director, Center for Student Life Current Practices
Strittmatter, Cyndy Rep. Of The Eberly College of Bus. And Info. Tech Best Practices
Sutton, Bill Chief of Police Best Practices
Trimarchi, Valerie Punxsutawney Regional Campus Representative Current Practices
Weiner, Kim Director, Center for Counseling and Psyc. Services Best Practices
Zimmerman, Brandon Student, IFC Representative Literature Review