Students learn about the anatomy of the ear

This program is no longer accepting students. Please see our other related programs.



With ourNatural Science/Pre-Audiology track, you'll save time in the classroom by making your first year of professional school count toward your bachelor's degree.

Students accepted for early admission to an accredited post-graduate doctor of audiology (AuD) program within the United States must complete a minimum of 96 credits. Our program outlines those undergraduate credits for you, offering you a well-rounded preparation for your professional studies in audiology.

After completing your first year of professional school, you can transfer back to IUP up to 30 credits of your graduate-level audiology program course work to complete your bachelor's degree.

Among the classes you'll take in our program are:Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology, Principles of Genetics and Development, Neurobiology, Introduction to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Persons, Aural Rehabilitation, Advanced Audiology and Hearing Disorders, Central Auditory Processing Disorders in the Educational Setting, and Intermediate American Sign Language