The IUP Department of Political Science offers an internship option to students to partially fulfill the undergraduate degree program in Political Science and the graduate program in Public Affairs.

The internship program provides the student with the opportunity to plan a work experience as an integral part of his/her education. The purposes of the program are to:

  • provide a learning experience in a problem-solving environment;
  • introduce the dynamics and realities of operational organizations;
  • create an experience that links the classroom skills, theories, and practices discussed with the immediate tasks related to the agency;
  • offer insight into the organization's mission and implementation strategies and into individual values pursued at the internship site; and
  • enable the student to improve and expand his/her self after graduation employment options.

The student internship is intended to be both an educational and work-focused experience. It requires direct interaction between the student intern and his/her internship supervisor. Students must exhibit high individual motivation, initiative, tolerance for uncertainty, maintenance of an analytical perspective in the work environment, and a willingness to assume primary responsibility for the completion of the internship.

At the same time, the internship is intended to provide a learning opportunity subject to academic requirements established by the university, department, and faculty internship coordinator. This experience provides an opportunity to build on the education acquired in the classroom and to further develop perspectives and skills gained from a work environment.

Compensation of an intern by the host agency is not mandatory nor, in most cases, likely. When compensation is available, it is generally at or slightly above minimum wage, or may be offered as a one-time stipend to the student to partially offset living or travel expenses.