Political Science Majors

Students discuss a topic in a political science class ELECT POLITICAL SCIENCE AS YOUR MAJOR OR MINOR - With three majors and three minors to choose from, you can find the perfect way to fit your interest in politics into your education.

Examine the Power of Local and Global Politics, Governments, and Public Policy

Your study of political science is a comprehensive examination of the people, institutions, and processes that shape world affairs. Understanding how decisions and laws impact people, organizations, and societies gives you the analytic skills needed to assist businesses, schools, and government agencies in their quest for growth and stability.

BA in Political Science

Draw on related disciplines such as economics, law, history, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. Understand the underlying ways in which power, authority, regulations, constitutions, and laws affect our lives. Take advantage of the internship program.

BA in Political Science: Pre-Law Track

Exploit the interdisciplinary nature of the program to broaden and add depth to your political science knowledge. Strategize to gain entrance to a law school or other law-related field. Explore the several departments that contribute to the pre-law track by engaging with instructors and a versatile student population. These departments are Criminology, Economics, English, History, Philosophy, and Political Science, as well as departments from the Eberly College of Business.

BA in Political Science, International Studies Track

Study American and world politics as you prepare for employment in government positions related to international affairs. Understand other countries and their governments as the need for nations to become interconnected gains a greater importance.

Political Science Minor

Add intellectual voltage to your primary academic interest and to your resume. Expand your career options by combining this minor with majors such as journalism, economics, history, or foreign languages.

International Studies Minor

Consult with an advisor to individually plot your course through this expansive field of study. Blend this global curriculum with majors such as economics, history, journalism, or foreign languages.

Homeland Security Minor

Develop the skills necessary to know how to respond in emergency defense situations. Discover the infrastructure of the Homeland Security branches of the government.