Dr. Rachel Sternfeld teaches a political science class TOUGH TOPICS, TIMELY ISSUES - Our faculty have the expertise to give you a strong foundation of political knowledge and a richer understanding of what's happening in the world today. Above, professor Rachel Sternfeld teaches a class on terrorism.

Bringing Vast Experience and a Commitment to Serve Students

Scholarly pursuits, conference papers, and publishing triumphs distinguish this group of educators. Contemporary politics, diplomacy, and electoral patterns are among the topics explored by this diverse staff. Our faculty members bring a rich menu of specialties to the classroom, including Latin American politics, cybersecurity, planning policies, and public financial administration, to name only a few.

  • Our professors' commitment to your success has created a learning environment where you are individually recognized.
  • Writing intensive courses allow professors to sharpen your critical thinking and articulation skills.
  • You'll find our open-door policy gives you easy access to guidance as you survey the landscape of professional opportunities.
  • Our professors encourage you to engage in research and other political science activities. Collaboration on writing projects may lead to publishing opportunities and presentations at conferences.