The R. Thomas Schaub Religious Studies Essay Contest was established in 2005 as a tribute to R. Thomas Schaub, professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

The department is pleased and honored to name its scholarly essay contest after him. The competition takes place during the spring semester and is open to all IUP undergraduates.

See the R. Thomas Schaub Essay Contest General Guidelines.

Professor Schaub taught courses on Biblical studies and on Palestinian archaeology until his retirement in January 1999. He is a renowned scholar of the archaeology of the Dead Sea Plains and continues to work in the field.

His publications include many articles and volumes on his archaeological projects, one of which is Bab edh-Dhra': Excavations at the Town Site (1975-1981), published by Eisenbrauns in 2003 (jointly authored with Walter E. Rast). Please review a more detailed list of Professor Schaub's recent publications.

2015 Winners

First prize: Michaela Koveleskie, "The Spirituality of the Vow of Sallekhana: Not All Decisions to Die are Suicidal"

Second prize: Roxanne Gannon, "Connecting the Past and the Present: A Look at the Role of Religion and Anorexia"

Third prize: Regan Gearhart, "Prehistoric Religion"

2013 Winners

First prize: Lucas Sweeney, "The History and Origins of Satan"

Second prize: Clark Aitkins, "An Early History of Yahweh"

Third prize: Peter Crivellaro, "There is Nothing"

2012 Winners

First prize: Jessica Danyi, "Cooking Enlightenment: A Concentration on the Time-Being."

Second prize: Heather Black, "Evaluating the Philosophical Foundation of Neopaganism."

Third prize: Clark Aitkins, "A Comparison of Two Eves in Christianity," and Theresa Hoffmann, "Buddhism in China: How Confucianism Unexpectedly Paved the Way."