Dr. Chandler talks with two students
Professor Stuart Chandler, who is part of the Religious Studies faculty, talks with graduate Justin Meinert and a few other students.
Student of the Semester Award

Recipients of the Religious Studies Department's Student of the Semester Award

Kipp Seelhorst Lecture Series and Study Abroad Scholarship

As a memorial to Kipp Seelhorst, a Religious Studies student whom we, sadly, lost in 2012, Kipp’s family and friends established a fund through the Foundation for IUP.

Tools and Resources

The stages of a religious studies education, GRE tools, graduate programs, professional organizations, grants, scholarships, and journals in religious studies.

Emily A. Fabiny Memorial Scholarship

The Emily A. Fabiny Scholarship was established in honor of Emily A. Fabiny, a sophomore pursuing a double major in journalism and religious studies.

R. Thomas Schaub Essay Contest

The R. Thomas Schaub Religious Studies Essay Contest is a tribute to a professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at IUP.


The purpose and value of a Religious Studies Internship.

Religious Studies Club

The Religious Studies Club is a student-run organization based at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania main campus.