Clark Aitkins at Harvard IUP AND HARVARD:  "My experiences at IUP deepened my appreciation of the world's religions, and my professors were extremely helpful and encouraging of my going to graduate school," said Clark Aitkins '14, who is attending Harvard Divinity School for a master of theological studies degree.

Gain global understanding with religious studies

The interdisciplinary nature of religious studies is excellent preparation for many careers. The program is valuable for those planning to teach about religions or religious studies in schools at the primary, secondary, or college level. The program also provides an excellent background for graduates planning to enter Catholic, Jewish, or Protestant seminaries.

Broadcasting and journalism are also excellent goals, and make good options as double majors or minors because the coursework puts emphasis on critical thinking and writing skills. Yet, these abilities are prized in many professions, be it social services, philosophy, political science, or law.


With a minor in Religious Studies, employers from many arenas will draw on your knowledge and expertise. Career options include:

  • Social services
  • Counseling
  • Ministries
  • Government policymaking
  • Administrative and management positions
  • Library and information management
  • Event planning
  • Foreign service
  • Peace Corps
  • Marketing and management
  • Museums and the arts
  • Nonprofit or non-governmental organizations
  • Teaching
  • Seminarian

Path to Higher Degrees

Expand your job choices and increase your salary potential by completing graduate studies.

  • MA in Religious Studies
  • PhD in Religious Studies