Honors in Philosophy

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Challenge Yourself with Advanced, Independent Study

Philosophy majors are given the opportunity to graduate with honors in philosophy if they meet certain guidelines and follow certain stipulations. This program is open to students seeking the Philosophy BA degree. The honors program gives majors the opportunity to delve into advanced, individualized work and also gives them an edge after graduation. If interested, contact the Philosophy Department honors coordinator, Professor Rubenstein, at erubenst@iup.edu.

I. Eligibility

Any student who has earned at least 60 credits in total, with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a minimum 3.5 GPA in philosophy courses, is eligible for acceptance into the honors program.

II. Requirements

Students must complete a two-semester, 6-credit Honors Thesis Independent Study. The honors thesis is completed individually under the direction of a Philosophy Department faculty member who specializes in the student's area of interest and is approved by a thesis committee comprising the director and two other readers.

More Honors Options for Top Students

Along with pursuing Honors in Philosophy, you can enroll in the Cook Honors College, a community of scholars housed in Whitmyre Hall. At the Cook Honors College, general education classes are replaced by honors core classes that encourage debate, and students get to know each other through group activities.