Changes to ESS Leave Request

  • Please be aware that there has been a change to the Employee Leave Request submission process.

    The ESS leave request will have an additional screen that you must review before submitting your leave request. This change is being put in place to accommodate those of you that have work schedules that change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    The most important part of this change is that you review the new screen and confirm that the leave you have requested in ESS is what you had intended. The screen will show you, based on your work schedule for day of the request, whether you’ve requested a full day, partial day, or more leave than is necessary to cover the full day of that request. If the leave is not what you had intended you can return to the previous screen to make changes and re-submit.

    1. The initial screen has changed slightly, the “Submit Leave Request” button is now the “Review and Submit Request” button:

      Sample leave request
    2. Please review the new screen. Note the difference in the two screens below, the first is for a full day request and the and second is for a partial day request. You must click the “Submit Leave Request” button in order to submit your request for approval. If you need to make changes you can click on the “Modify Leave Request” button to return to the prior screen.

      Sample leave request: Full work day
      Note that the number of full works days is highlighted. You must also click on the “Submit Leave Request” button in order to submit for approval.

      Sample leave request: Partial work day
      Note that “Partial Work Day” is highlighted. You must click on the “Submit Leave Request” button in order to submit for approval.