Letter to High School Teachers

  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have moved the English Placement process online and are using the Essay test for all summer 2020 placement. Since the Portfolio represented an opportunity for students to submit placement material online, we are temporarily halting the portfolio process until we resume in-person orientation in the future.

  • Dear Teacher,

    Thank you for participating in the Portfolio Placement Program at IUP.  Since its inception, the portfolio option has seen increased participation each year; we owe much of that to you.  Your help and guidance is invaluable to students as they assemble their portfolios.  Your participation and signature help us verify that students’ work is their own.  As you can imagine, we find it much easier to place students based on a portfolio of their work as opposed to a timed essay test.  In addition, the portfolio allows us to learn about each student personally. 

    Please take some time to read through the portfolio instructions that students have been given so that you can get a better idea of the requirements for the portfolio.  In order to be fair and consistent, we must adhere to the requirements of the portfolio very closely.  Unfortunately, each summer we reject several portfolios for failure to follow directions.  We are trying to decrease this number by contacting teachers directly to answer questions that may help students in their process.

    As an additional way to connect with high school teachers, we would like to offer you the opportunity to have a member of our placement staff come to your school and discuss the portfolio project.  We believe that the more information you have about the theory behind the portfolio and see examples of strong portfolios, the better equipped you will be to answer questions and guide you students developing their portfolios.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you are interested in having a representative from the IUP placement program come to your school to talk to teachers and/or students about the IUP Portfolio Placement Program, please email me at writing-placement@iup.edu.

    Again, we thank you for your participation and look forward to receiving portfolios from your students.


    The Writing Placement Team