Orientation 2021: A Remote Experience

Posted on 5/5/21 8:26 PM

The Office of New Student Orientation is in the process of delivering transitional information and experiences to the incoming class of 2025. The programs are being facilitated in a similar fashion as in the summer of 2020, online via Zoom, with additional content being shared through the HAWKS 100 and HAWKS 101 courses.

This news item is designed to provide faculty and staff details about the program in case you are contacted by incoming students.

First Steps

Admitted students who pay their tuition deposit will be enrolled in the HAWKS 100 course after they register for their orientation program. The HAWKS 100 contains two sections: Getting Ready and Financial Literacy. The Getting Ready section provides students with the following content areas.

  • How to use D2L/Brightspace Learning Environments
  • Liberal Studies and the Course Interest Survey
  • Placement Testing at IUP Overview
  • Previous Coursework? (How to submit credits earned from another institution.)
  • Transition to College: Personal Reflection Survey

The Financial Literacy section is designed to

  • Give students some of the important information regarding financial aid.
  • Provide understanding of the requirements to continue to receive financial aid.
  • Review financial literacy components associated with Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Students are expected to complete all placement testing and complete the Course Interest Survey prior to attending their online orientation program. That information is used by the respective college A-Deans to build their fall schedule after they have attended their orientation program.

The Zoom Experience

Students are sent links to confirm their registration to their orientation programs approximately two days before it is schedule to occur. A secure link is then forwarded to them once the registration form is submitted. The program is split over two days. Day 1 begins at 1:00 p.m. and provides an overview of campus resources and engagement opportunities. Students then are sent into breakout rooms with our Student Success Leaders. They review MyIUP, the online transition guide, as well as answering any questions they have related to transitioning to the college experience.

Day 2 of the program is college & academic focused. They view various videos associated with preparing themselves academically before they are welcomed by their college A-Dean. Students then spend approximately a half hour with a faculty member from their department to learn more about the experience they are embarking on and resources to utilize along the way. Once breakout sessions are completed, students are provided a time with the Student Success Leaders to review the questions they have. Both the Day 1 and Day 2 experiences last approximately two hours.

After the Zoom Program

Student schedules are built by the college A-Deans after the student attends their program. Students who do not complete their course interest survey or their placement testing will not have a schedule built for them. Faculty and staff can assist with strongly urging students to complete these items ASAP.

Students are enrolled into the HAWKS 101 course after completing their online program. This course is a consolidated version of the multiple HAWKS courses used in the past. The course contains the following sections:

  • Day 1 of Your Journey materials (includes instructions on how to submit their I-Card photo)
  • Social Equity on Campus
  • Student Affairs
  • Campus Technology
  • Academic Policies and Procedures

Students can earn badges for completing each section and a certificate if they complete all sections. Students that earn a certificate will receive a small gift during Welcome Week.

Additional Questions

Please refer students to orientation-testing@iup.edu if you receive questions about the onboarding experience. Additional programmatic information can be found on the Orientation website.