• We are in the process of updating this information, and will post updates as they become available.

  • Commencement

    To promote safety during the coronavirus pandemic, the spring 2020 commencement ceremonies have been postponed to September 12 and 13. A schedule of events for that weekend is expected to be available by mid-May. College and departmental ceremonies and other recognition events that typically coincide with commencement ceremonies will not take place that weekend. Read more about the rescheduling of spring 2020 commencement ceremonies. Details will also be available on the commencement website.

    Caps and Gowns

    The Co-op Store’s cap-and-gown orders have arrived from Minnesota. If you’re unsure of the status of your order or of your next steps, the scenarios below may help you:

    • You would like to purchase a cap and gown.
      Please visit the Co-op Store website.

    • You have already purchased your cap and gown and want to pick them up later.
      The Co-op Store can hold your items for pickup closer to the date of the rescheduled ceremonies in September. This will happen automatically if the store does not hear from you. Pickup will be flexible once the store reopens.

    • You ordered your cap and gown for pickup at the Graduation Fair, which was canceled:

      • If you are still in town or local, you may use curbside pickup at the Co-op Store. It is available from noon to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. When you arrive during these hours, please call the number on the sign in front of the store.

      • If you are not in town, the Co-op Store can ship the items to you. Please email to provide your mailing address and to make this request.

    • You ordered your cap and gown through the Balfour Build-a-Grad website for delivery to your home. You (1) have not received your order or (2) are having trouble getting a response from Balfour.
      The Co-op Store will do its best to help students on a case-by-case basis. Please email

    • You have already canceled your order through Balfour and have not yet seen your return.
      Please contact Cynthia Letterman by email at to check the status of your return. Returns take 5 to 10 business days to process. The deadline to request returns this way has passed.

    • You (1) ordered your cap and gown through Balfour and (2) wish to return your order, but you did not contact Balfour.
      Please email the Co-op Store at to see how it can help. Because the purchase was made through another vendor, the Co-op Store will have difficulty processing a return. But, the store will work with students on a case-by-case basis to try to resolve the issue.

    • For all other questions about your cap and gown purchase, contact the Co-op Store at

    Cords and Medallions

    Also part of academic regalia, honor cords (Philanthropy, Education Abroad, Regional Campus, Lavender, and Red, White, and Blue cords) are typically distributed at the Graduation Fair, which was canceled. This year, cords will be mailed to graduating students for the special September commencement ceremonies. Contact the Cook Honors College for information about medallions.

    Honors medallions have been mailed to first baccalaureate students who had applied for May 2020 graduation and have a 3.25 or higher overall undergraduate GPA as of the fall/winter terms on May 6, 2020. The medallions were mailed to the diploma mailing address designated by students when they applied for graduation.

    May graduates who achieve a 3.25 GPA or higher after spring grades are finalized, will have their medallion mailed to their diploma mailing address once their degree has been posted.

    August graduates with a 3.25 GPA or higher after spring grades are finalized, will have their medallions mailed to them by the end of July. Those achieving a 3.25 GPA or higher after summer grades are final, will have their medallion mailed to their diploma mailing address once their degree has been posted.

    Summer 2020

    All IUP classes—including internships and field experiences—scheduled for this summer will be delivered online. 

    Other Campuses and Centers

    IUP Pittsburgh East will be open by appointment only. If you need to access the campus, please call 724-294-3309 to schedule an appointment. 

    All regional campus library facilities are closed.

    Clock-Hour Programs 
    (Culinary, Police Academy, EMT, and Paramedic Training) 

    Students in clock-hour programs will receive specific instructions from their program directors.  

    Criminal Justice Training Center (Police Academy) Suspends Training 

    IUP's Criminal Justice Training Center is suspending all classroom operations to include all Act 120, all Act 180, and all nonmandatory service police training until further notice. After the state of emergency, we will reinstate the programs.  

    All Act 180 mandatory update trainings will be rescheduled for September or October. 

    The scheduled Act 120 full-time police academy for IUP main campus set for June 2020 and Robert Morris University part-time academy set for August 2020 have not been affected, and we intend to start as scheduled.  

    This situation is fluid, however. Please continue to check for updated information on these training programs. Weekly updates will be provided on Wednesdays for the duration of the coronavirus situation. If you have any questions, contact program coordinator Marcia Cole at 724-357-3987 or director Dennis Marsili at 724-357-3988. 

    Police Academy Applications

    Currently, requests for police academy applications are accepted only through Marketplace. On this website, the $30 application fee can be paid by credit card. Mailed requests are no longer being accepted. Find more information

    International Student Visa and Travel 

    Graduated and unable to return home: International students who graduate in May or August 2020 and planned to depart the U.S., but are unable to travel due to cancelled flights, should contact for more guidance on your immigration options. 

    Summer classes: Students at the American Language Institute and some graduate programs are required to enroll in summer classes. All other international students who are in the US and enrolled for fall 2020 do not need to enroll in summer classes to maintain their immigration status.  

    Travel: Students who plan to depart the US this summer and return for the fall semester, make sure your immigration document has been signed in the past year by a Designated School Official in the Office of International Education. Visit the International student travel page for more details.

    Internships, Student Teaching, Clinicals, and Other Off-Campus Experiences 

    The chancellor’s decision on March 13 to suspend face-to-face instruction includes internships and other off-campus experiences. Faculty are working to create appropriate learning experiences while following national guidelines to keep us all safe and healthy. Contact your faculty advisor for more information.

    Education Abroad

    IUP is following commonwealth directives and best practices in international education and is suspending all summer education-abroad experiences (credit and noncredit) for students. These include faculty-led programs, institutional partners, education abroad providers/affiliates, experiential placements (internships, field school, clinicals), and independently arranged experiences. If you have questions, please email the Office of International Education at

    Book Rentals

    Those who rented textbooks from the Co-op Store should have returned rented books by May 11. A packing slip is available for download.  

    IUP Libraries 

    The library building on IUP’s Indiana campus is closed. Many library services continue to be offered electronically. All regional campus libraries are closed. See the Resources section.  

    Registration for Fall 2020  

    Registration for fall 2020 is open. As usual, you should be in touch with your advisor to obtain the alternate PIN you need to register. You can also use Degree Works to help you understand degree requirements and plan ahead. If you have any questions, ask your advisor or contact the assistant or associate dean in your college. 

    If you have an outstanding balance on your account (you owe money) and you’re unable to register through MyIUP, contact the Office of Financial Aid to talk about your situation: 724-357-2218, 

    See more about registration.

    Assistant and Associate Deans:

    Eberly College of Business: Mr. Terry Appolonia,, 724-357-3215 

    College of Education and Communications: Dr. Lynnan Black,, 724-357-2483 

    College of Fine Arts: Dr. David Ferguson,, 724-357-2397 

    College of Health and Human Services: Dr. Sally McCombie,, 724-357-2650 

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Dr. Dot Gracey,, 724-357-2280 

    Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Dr. Dan Burkett,, 724-357-2609 

    University College: Hillary Stitt,, assistant director, 724-357-2987 

    Cook Honors College: Chauna Craig, acting director,, 724-357-3342, or Kevin Berezansky, associate director,, 724-357-7573