Current Recommendations

Please visit the main Covid-19 Response Plan page for current community levels and recommendations

College is about more than classes and exams. At IUP, there are countless lectures, panels, theater and music productions, and many ways to wind down when you need to.

We are offering many programs in dual formats, both online and in-person. From exciting concerts from the student activity committee STATIC to multicultural programming with the Multicultural Center for Student Leadership and Engagement (MCSLE), along with activities to support your mental health and well-being through the Center for Health and Well-Being, we’ve got you covered.

Student Activities

Looking for something to do in your spare time? Follow these resources to find the most up-to-date information on activities sponsored and organized by event programmers in the IUP community.

And of course, you can always reserve a space, visit the bookstore, or take part in leisure activities at the IUP Student Co-op.

For Event/Meeting Organizers

Any physical event on campus should be scheduled through 25Live Pro. This online platform is designed to help IUP to monitor the “people footprint” for the safety of the IUP community. It tracks COVID-19 capacity, PPE resources, custodial services, and other important health and safety factors. The program is open to any member of the IUP community, both students and employees.

When scheduling and planning events, please keep the following in mind:

  • Enter your event in 25 Live. This service will house all on-campus location usage for a given day (classroom activity and these events).
  • After the request for reserving space is approved, submit work orders for needs such as table setup, tear-down, or sound or to enable appropriate pre-event preparation and post-event cleanup. You can request personal protective equipment for event attendees via IUP’s central reservation system.
  • Publicize safety requirements, such as the need to wear masks, and provide clear instruction to visitors as they arrive.
  • Make hand sanitizer, face coverings, and no-touch trash cans available.
  • Post approved signage from IUP’s Marketing and Communications Division to promote protective measures. You can request signage through
  • Take responsibility for any voluntary provision of safety kits or other handouts/giveaways to attendees. Safety kits can be ordered through IUP’s central reservation system.
  • Work with Aramark to determine options for food-service delivery, if needed, in compliance with dining guidelines. Buffet service is not possible or permitted at this time.
  • Record registration and attendance, including contact information. This will allow for notification of pertinent event information (such as safety requirements, rescheduling, and cancellation) and for contact tracing, if needed.

Major Campus Events

Major events on campus follow university or other official guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Event organizers will continually assess whether an event can proceed safety based on current conditions and guidelines, and adjust accordingly while informing the community of any changes.

Admissions Events

The IUP Admissions office offers virtual visits and limited weekday campus tours with a reduced number of participants for future students and families. The Graduate Admissions office also has several visit options for students interested in master's and doctoral degrees.

We’ll follow up-to-date Centers for Disease Control and Pennsylvania Department of Health group gathering guidelines for the safety of all visitors, faculty, staff, current students, and the Indiana community as we plan visit options.

You can always call the Office of Admissions to ask questions. We don’t want this situation to keep you from getting all the information you need to make your decision.

If you are coming to IUP from high school or transferring from another college, call 724-357-2230 or email

If you are a candidate for graduate admission, call 724-357-2222 or email


If you’re interested in visiting the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts, call 800-438-6424.

IUP Athletics

Visit IUP Athletics for updated information about spring athletics.