MA in Music Performance Curriculum

  • Two students play violins or violas in a rehearsal.

    This degree focuses on private lessons and ensemble performance. The degree culminates in a recital, and students may choose an optional thesis as well.  

    Program Requirements

    Master of Arts in Music Performance (31 cr.) 

    I. Core Courses — 9 cr. 

    MUSC 516 Analytical Techniques (3 cr.)

    LIBR 600 Bibliography of Music  (3 cr.)

    And one of the following Graduate Music History Courses:

    MUHI 503, 504, 505, 507, or 521 (3 cr.)

    II. Applied Music Courses  12 cr. 

    APMU 601-771 (4 cr.) each (12 cr.)

    III. Music Ensembles  2 cr. 

    MUSC 575 (1 cr.) each (2 cr., minimum of two semesters)

    IV. Electives   4 cr. 

    APMU, MUSC or MUHI prefix, 500 or above, no music ensembles

    V. Culminating project  4 cr. 

    MUSC 795 Thesis (4 cr.)


    APMU 740 Graduate Recital (4 cr.)