MA in Music Education Curriculum

Newly revised as a low-residency program, the MA in Music Education consists of 30 required credits over six semesters, so that working professionals can complete the degree in two years while taking a manageable 5 credits per term.

The program is designed to enhance your skills as a music teacher through personal feedback from our faculty. During the school year, classes are offered exclusively online. During the summer, a two-week intensive term presents courses best taught in the face-to-face environment at IUP, such as conducting and bibliography.

The program requires the following courses:

Program Requirements

Master of Arts in Music Education (30 cr., italics = summer intensive session course)

I. Core Courses 9 cr.

Bibliography of Music (3 cr.)

Analytical Techniques (3 cr.)

One Music History Course (19th or 20th century, American Music) (3 cr.)

II. Music Education Courses9 cr.

Foundations of Music Ed. (3 cr.)

Administration and Advocacy in Music Education (2 cr.)

Advanced Technology in Music Education (2 cr.)

Formative Assessment and Action Research in Music Education (2 cr.)

III. Courses Needed for PA Level II Certification 6 cr.

Choose from the following courses:

EDEX 569 Education of Persons with Emotional, Behavioral Disorders, Learning Disabilities, or Brain Injury (3 cr.)

EDEX 650 Exceptional Children and Youth (3 cr.)

EDSP 523 Educational Programming: Gifted Learners (3 cr.)

EDSP 577 Assessment of Student Learning (3 cr.)

EDSP 624 Social, Emotional, and Cultural Factors in the Education of Gifted Learners (3 cr.)

EDSP 704 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 cr.)

IV. Electives 6 cr.

MUSC 503 Practicum in String Pedagogy (1 cr.)

MUSC 537 Techniques for the Marching Band (2 cr.)

MUSC 540-550 Summer Music Workshop (1-3 cr.)

MUSC 628 Contemporary International Approaches to Elementary Music Education (2 cr.)

MUSC 635 Psychology of Music Education (2cr.)

MUSC 501 Advanced Choral Conducting (2 cr.)

MUSC 502 Advanced Instrumental Conducting (2 cr.)

MUSC 575 Music Ensemble (1-3 cr.)

APMU 601-771 Applied lessons (including conducting) (4 cr.)

MUSC 795 Thesis (4 cr.)