Graduate Music Education Summer Courses 2018

  • A view of music on a music stand as a student plays in a band rehearsal
  • Earn Graduate Credit in 10 Days of Coursework on the IUP Campus

    Influenced by Professor Laura Ferguson

    “I'm continuously impressed with Professor Laura Ferguson's knowledge of not only how to teach, but also of how students learn. She's not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to education, and she encourages her students to do the same.”

    Megan Hall, Graduate of the Music in Education, MA program, went on to become a full-time middle school music teacher

    Jump-start your master's degree, earn continuing education hours, or recharge your teaching batteries at IUP’s summer intensive session! Held on the IUP campus, you can earn up to five hours of graduate credit in just 10 days of coursework.

    Students can continue on to complete the MA in Music Education with our online and summer program, designed for working teachers.

    Delaney Hall

    For more information on the program, please contact Matthew Baumer, graduate coordinator, at, or visit the IUP Summer Sessions website.

    Summer Intensive Term Course Offerings

    Dr. Craig Denison and Bryan Powell

    Dr. Craig Denison

    MUSC 540: Summer Workshop: Modern Band Methods (1cr)

    Explores popular music pedagogy through performance, composition, improvisation, and informal learning. This course will discuss popular music pedagogy and curriculum, starting with the key tenets of Information Learning, Composition, Improvisation, Approximation, Scaffolding, and Creating a Safe Space. These will be demonstrated through interactive lecture, performance, and group interaction on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, technology, and vocals.

    Dr. Craig Denison

    MUSC 541: Summer Workshop: Global Pedagogies (1cr)

    This course is an exploration of the intersections of music education and ethnomusicology and their applications to the K-12 music classroom. This course will address music transmission, community, culture bearers, diversity, and social justice through authentic, hands-on music experiences, discussion, and reading. Students will develop and demonstrate expertise in a self-selected culture through reading, listening, teaching, sample curricula, and sample lessons.

    Dr. Laura Ferguson

    Dr. Laura Ferguson

    MUSC 620: Foundations of Music Education (3cr)

    This core course examines the historical, philosophical, and social foundations of music education, including educational thought and implications for school music programs.

    Special Pre-Session Courses

    Drs. John Levey and Craig Denison

    Dr. John Levey

    May 21–25
    MUSC 581: Songwriting (1cr)

    Songwriting: This course offers a forum for students to explore popular musical styles, discover effective songwriting techniques, and develop creative projects. Topics include lyrics, basic chord progressions, hooks, verse-chorus form, and songwriting technology. No previous songwriting experience is required.

    Dr. Timothy Paul

    Dr. Timothy Paul

    June 11–17:
    MUSC 581: Composer, Conductor, Recording

    Available both online and on campus, this course will focus on conducting gesture and movement as related to the composer's intent in music for winds and percussion. Course discussions and assignments will be derived from observation of and participation in the International Fellowship of Conductors, Composers, and Collaborators (IFC3), a professional wind ensemble that produces a recording. Students can attend or watch rehearsals, lectures, recitals, performances, and recording sessions.