Music Education, MA

  • Professor Keith Young directs a rehearsal
  • Reach new heights in teaching and performance  

    The 30-credit Master of Arts in Music Education program is an online and summer-intensive program designed for the working K-12 music teacher.

    The program can be completed in two years while taking a manageable five credits per term. During the fall and winter semesters you'll take classes online, and during two summers you attend intensive sessions.

    As a student you will:

    • Take courses in music pedagogy, education learning theory, research, and performance
    • Improve your skills as an administrator of music programs at your school
    • Focus on those periods of music history that most interest you
    • Have the option of auditioning for one of IUP's ensembles
    • Take advantage of one of the best music libraries in Pennsylvania
    • Qualify for PDE Level II Certification for teaching music K-12

    Meet the Coordinator

    Dr. Matthew Baumer
    302 Cogswell Hall
    (724) 357-5646

    Students Who Complete the MA in Music Education Will:

    Content Knowledge

    Learning Outcome

    Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of music education history and philosophy.

    Disciplinary Skills

    Learning Outcome

    Develop and apply advanced pedagogical techniques that are appropriate to their current instructional setting.

    Learning Outcome

    Evaluate their own teaching, as well as that of their colleagues, according to the principles of action research.

    Work Capacities

    Learning Outcome

    Experiment with innovative music and educational technologies that have the potential to enhance student outcomes.

    Learning Outcome

    Propose and implement curricular revisions that derive from assessment and the scholarship of curriculum design.