Facilities for Graduate Music Majors

  • Performing Arts Center

    The Performing Arts Center

    Larger ensembles perform and Lively Arts shows are held in Fisher Auditorium in the IUP Performing Arts Center. The auditorium is located next door to Cogswell Hall, making transporting instruments convenient. 

    Gorell Recital Hall

    Inside Gorell Hall

    Gorell Recital Hall, located in Sutton Hall, is the site of many student recitals and hosts a variety of performances, from instrumental ensembles to choral groups.


    Trombone choir in Cogswell

    Practice performance pieces and class material in Cogswell Hall.

    Orendorff Music Library

    Music Library

    Located in Cogswell Hall, the Orendorff Music Library houses more than 35,000 musical records and offers multimedia pods for students to use in a comfortable setting.

    Fisher Auditorium

    Fisher Auditorium

    Fisher Auditorium serves the campus and community as Indiana County's premier fine arts performance and event facility.