Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

  • The Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize IUP graduates who have achieved distinction through sustained performance in their fields or who have provided outstanding service to IUP. The following music majors have been recognized as Distinguished Alumni of IUP:

    Mr. Jay L. Althouse, 1973

    Mrs. Joan L. Boytim, 1955, 1964

    Dr. Robert A. Coughenour, 1953

    Mr. Clifford L. Cox 1956, 1959, 1968

    Mrs. Jonelle P. Darr, 1979

    Ms. Merelyn M. Davis, 1964

    Mr. Robert T. Davis, 1976 

    Dr. Fulton D. Gallagher, 1957, 1962

    Mr. F. Nicholas Jacobs, 1969, 1972

    Mr. Donald V. Marti, 1951

    Mr. Howard E. Moser Jr., 1974

    Dr. James M. Self, 1965

    Mr. Stephen P. Skorija, 1969

    Dr. William C. Snyder Jr., 1958

    Dr. John E. Stamp Jr., 1976

    Dr. Jon R. Woods, 1960