Pre-event Press Releases

  • Priority for advance publicity for events sponsored by the university is based on promoting events that significantly reflect IUP’s commitment to excellence and student and faculty success (or institutional success); opportunities for students; significant and substantial student and faculty research; and community partnerships, community service, and civic engagement of faculty, staff and students.

    Event organizers should be in contact with the Media Relations director as soon as a date is set for an event. The Media Relations director will work with event organizers to develop a media publicity plan that may include a pre-event news release and or photo two to three weeks out from the event—a save the date type of announcement—if enough information is available. A second news release immediately prior to the event may be done if appropriate. This will be determined by the director when the media publicity plan is developed. Any news release will be shared with the event organizers so they may post it to their own website news feed, if they have not already done so. 

    Events for which lead time is brief, event organizers are asked to supply basic information—what, when, where, basic facts about the event, and the event sponsor or organizer—at least two weeks in advance whenever possible. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the director.

    No press release that represents the university may be issued to the media unless it is done through the Communications and Marketing Office. Local media will not accept press releases or requests for photography coverage of events from IUP departments and offices other than the Communications and Marketing Office.