Hometown News Release Form

  • Do you know of a student achievement that deserves special news coverage? Provide the following information to the Office of Media Relations and Community Affairs and we’ll see that a story is written and released to the student’s local newspaper.

    This information should be returned to Michelle Fryling (mfryling@iup.edu), 316 Sutton Hall, as soon as possible after the award or event.

    Information about the student 

    • Preferred name
    • Preferred pronoun (He, She, They, Other)
    • Campus address
    • Email address
    • Hometown address (please include ZIP code)
    • Hometown newspaper(s), if known
    • Parents’ names, as they should be listed in the news release (please note if parents have a different hometown address than above)
    • High school name and graduation year
    • Activities/involvement at IUP (e.g., residence assistant, athletics, Provost’s Scholar)

    Reason for this news release 

    Is the student a recipient of a scholarship or other award? Have they been accepted into a summer program or been chosen for an important internship?

    Note: Departments organizing these events should provide a one-paragraph explanation of the event or award to the collection of forms. Only one copy of this description is needed.