Features, Reports on Accomplishments, Honors, etc.

  • The Communications and Marketing Office is committed to conveying positive and accurate news about accomplishments and significant activities at IUP. The Media Relations director is part of the Communications and Marketing Office and works in conjunction with members of the team to help promote events and positive news items in a cohesive fashion with all team members. The director promotes the Communications and Marketing Office’s “web-first” practice.

    Priority will be given to those press releases that reflect IUP’s commitment to excellence and student and faculty success (or institutional success); opportunities for students; significant and substantial student and faculty research; community partnerships, community service, and civic engagement of faculty, staff, and students.

    Members of the university community who believe that they have newsworthy story or feature ideas that might attract the attention of news reporters are encouraged to contact the Media Relations director as soon as possible, but at least two weeks in advance of necessary release, if at all possible, especially if the story or feature idea is related to an actual scheduled event (examples: Alternative Spring Break students doing a Homelessness Simulation, Into the Streets community service, etc.). Contact may be made by calling 724-357-3062 or via e-mail to mfryling@iup.edu.

    Members of the university community who wish to have news releases generated about student and faculty or staff accomplishments should first enter their news into the department website news section and then submit the news posted on the web to the Media Relations director. The Media Relations director will determine what accomplishments are the most newsworthy. The Communications and Marketing Office encourages a web-first practice with such news items so that departmental websites become content rich. The Media Relations director will issue a hometown news release form to departments when items are appropriate for release to the media.

    Members of the university community who are contacted by the media should refer the call to the Media Relations director. Reasons members of the media may contact faculty and staff members directly include expert commentary and incident reaction. It is the Media Relations director’s responsibility to field such inquiries.