Jamie Czech stands in a hallway at Giant Eagle Corporate HELPING YOU RISE TO THE TOP:  Jamie Czech '14 is an HR analyst for Giant Eagle Corporate in Pittsburgh, Pa. "Most of the management professors were able to share insight regarding what it was really like to work in the corporate world and what would help us stand out among our peers in the workforce."

Choose your Business Path and Pursue it with Confidence

Since 2010, the economy has been growing steadily, albeit at a slower pace than during other recoveries. Consumer confidence is bouncing back, and job growth is on the rise. Companies are expanding their operations. Entrepreneurs now operate in a global growth economy. Companies in both manufacturing and service industries are looking for those who have the skills to manage their growth. All of this bodes well for those with business management degrees.

Career Opportunities

With an undergraduate degree in management, depending on your track, you can pursue employment in a wide range of jobs in both the private and public sectors. The kinds of areas where you can find work include:

  • Production management
  • Entry-level management positions in service industries such as health care, information technology, finance, transportation, etc.
  • Process management
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resources management
  • Customer service management
  • International commerce and operations

Path to Higher Degrees

Expand your job choices and increase your salary potential by completing graduate studies.

  • MBA
  • MS in Management
  • PhD in Management