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Letters to the Editor: Summer 2018

Editor’s Note: IUP archivist Harrison Wick received a score of identifications for a photo, submitted by Larry Talotta ’79, in the spring issue of IUP Magazine. Wick said he appreciates the responses, some of which are reprinted below.

40 Years Later

Looking at the picture in the current IUP Magazine. Wow! I can identify only a few. The girl on the far right is Bethann Cinelli [’80]. I am next to her. I believe the third guy from the left is Dan Hurley [’79]. To his left, with the beard, is Todd Boller [’79], and left of him is Patrick Snyder [’79]. The tall gal fourth in—her name escapes me, but her dad was on staff in the PE department. On the far left, I believe, is Lou Ann Simon [Hames ’80]. I can’t believe this was 40 years ago! Getting ready to retire from public education this June. Not sure where my focus was. I always hate having my picture taken!

Jessica Dell Lee ’80

A Laughing Matter

I can barely contain my laughter at the picture of myself and others you would like to identify from the ’78 PE photo. I am third from the right in the back row. Front left was Michael Cillo [’80], and center was Dan Hurley [’79]. I know the first names of others but can’t recall last names. Hope this helps.

Cindy Andrulonis Holland ’79

Editor’s Note: In addition to the writers above, Wick heard from Pat Snyder ’79, who had help from Tony Piccolini ’80 in identifying several members of what he said was Phi Epsilon Kappa, the IUP physical education fraternity. Wick also heard from Wendy Godfrey Kerns ’75, Dave Thomas ’77, Bud Stanley ’78, Claudia Steele ’78, Barb Barry Bell ’79, Blaine Corle ’79, Marsha DiBonaventuro ’79, Sue Gula ’79, Larry McCune ’79, M’80, Maureen Reilly Bash ’80, Linda Kirk ’80, Jeff Leventry ’80, M’81, Bill Lynch ’80, Dave Ross ’80, Cheryl Stewart-Miller ’80, Rebecca Spangler Barker ’81, Joel Haight ’81, Tracey Price ’82, Lucy Widdowson Wood ’85, M’07, Anthony Bertolino ’86, Jane Cunningham Harnagy ’87, Robert Keebler, and IUP women’s basketball coach Tom McConnell. 

Others who were identified but not mentioned above: Karen Godlasky Baker ’79, Bill Ford ’79, Kathy White Mace ’79, Jodi Grumling Wright ’79, and Tyrene Fudala McKolosky ’80.

Lesson in Punctuality

I enjoyed reading the brief memorial piece about Charles Davis and Robert Ensley. It was, in my opinion, a well-deserved tribute, and it brought back so many memories of my years as an undergraduate (1957–61) at what was then Indiana State College.

Of all the noncredit activities available at that time, certainly the most anticipated and subsequently enjoyed were the treasured rehearsals and performances with the Mellowmen and the annual Swing Out productions. It was a privilege to play in that great dance band and pit orchestra with so many good musicians.

Some of the most memorable lessons for me went beyond musical values. For example, Mr. D (Charles Davis) demanded punctuality. His classes, rehearsals, and performances began at the scheduled time, exactly and always. I remember at the intermission of one Swing Out production, D gave the downbeat for the second act overture exactly after the time allotted for the break. Missing from the orchestra was the lead reed man, who appeared—the orchestra well into the overture—running down the auditorium aisle, horn in hand. He leaped over the rail and took his seat without further ado. Lesson learned.

Richard “Dick” Dillman ’61

Still Appreciated

Many thanks to Greg Jacob D’82, for his kind words about IUP’s PhD program in rhetoric and composition in the last issue of IUP Magazine. It’s gratifying to see that a program that started so long ago is still appreciated and producing good results.

Jim DeGeorge
Professor Emeritus, Journalism
Hot Springs National Park, AR

Design by Hippie

Loved the Bob Fulton article on Whitmyre. I lived there my first year, ’82–’83. At that time, Whitmyre had these goofy study rooms with various shapes that were completely carpeted on all sides in various colors. I believe they used shag carpet. I always imagined that those study rooms were designed by some well-meaning hippie in the early ’70s.

The built-in desks and dressers were solid. I suspect the workers had their hands full removing them. I would love to hear more about the materials recovered during the renovation.

Doug Baker ’86
Newport News, VA

Mystery Solved?

I enjoyed the article [on Whitmyre] and have a comment on the mystery NEA Journal. I believe what you might have is an instance of a young lady who was smitten by the handsome man, and when his name was discovered during class, she wrote it down on what was available. I know I might have done the same when I was at IUP. It sure looks like a female’s handwriting to me. This guy had a secret admirer he probably never got to meet! 

Greg Miller ’91

Naming the Newlyweds

I can identify the bride and groom in a photo that appeared with the article on the Whitmyre Hall renovation in the most recent IUP Magazine. They are Russell Campbell and Ellen Meals [both Class of ’76]. We were friends in college, and they were married as college students. Their reception was held in Whitmyre Hall. 

I lived in Elkin, and many in our gang lived in Elkin and Whitmyre halls. A few of us were hall counselors. 

I loved my IUP experience, so much so that I returned there to work on the Residence Life staff after earning my master’s degree at SUNY Albany in 1979.

Nancy Doyle Arty ’77

Quiet, Please

Just received my spring IUP Magazine and enjoyed the article on Whitmyre Hall. My class was the first to occupy it. My roommate, Charles Smith ’55, and I eventually occupied a second-floor room over Dean Whitmyre’s apartment on the first floor, because we were expected to be quiet.

Gene Seelye ’56

Popcorn for Peace

As a 1958 freshman at ISTC, I was required to live in Whitmyre Hall. Residing there had good and bad times. My first-semester roommate and I, both being art majors, found that our room was too small.

Upon checking with “Mom” Butler, I found out that a corner room on the second floor was available. Since all rooms were for two, I needed a new roomie. My new roommate and I were very pleased with our new digs, and a rug on the floor was awesome. Having been in the room about two weeks, we had a visitor. Dean Schnell, the dean of men at Whitmyre, came to tell us that our wonderful room was above his apartment. Dean Schnell was holding a large bowl of popcorn for us. Now we knew the reason for the rug. I guess he felt that the popcorn treat would soften his requests: Bed by 10, please; no shoes worn in the room; and no more than two visitors at a time.

Several weeks after his first visit, Dean Schnell returned with popcorn in hand. Had we done wrong? Just a drop-in to tell us that he and his lovely wife appreciated our being considerate and quiet. I still am reminded of the visit when I eat popcorn.

Roger Stern ’62

The ‘Grounded’ President

In 1965, I was elected president of Whitmyre Hall and, later that year, president of all of the men’s dorms on campus. Then, I was elected class treasurer and, during my senior year, president of the Class of ’69. Finally, in 2005, I was named a Distinguished Alumnus of IUP. (Yes, IUP is in my will.)

As president of Whitmyre, I was “grounded” for approximately 30 out of 32 possible freshman weekends for things that other students did for which I was held responsible. Okay, I’ll admit it. I did have some involvement with some of them. We threw milk cans into the giant pile of empty cans outside the cafeteria. And, we had coordinated door slams when the beep for midnight was broadcast on WDAD radio. Oh yeah, and we did spell out some obscenities on the sidewalks in lighter fluid and then lit the fluid so we could see flaming obscenities glowing at night. And yes, there were the horizontal sky rocket launches that hit Dean Sheeder’s door. Oh, and we sometimes hit the fire bell with tuba mouthpieces and filled kids’ rooms from floor to ceiling with rolled up pieces of hundreds of newspapers. And, there was that time we filled one guy’s room with the smoke of 15 packs of cigarettes fired up simultaneously. Yeah, and we would put toothpaste and hair gel tubes under the door, tramp on them, and shoot the paste or gel across the room.

But, the reason I was writing was to see if you found that check for $126.72 that I forgot to cash? Nah, just kidding. I was 55 years old in 2002. I was, however, curious as to what other things you might have found in the ceiling tile, under the wood shelves in the dresser drawers, or in the boob-shaped ceiling lamps? I have plenty of hilarious memories from Whitmyre.  

Nick Jacobs ’69, M’72