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Historical Hangouts

Over the years, college students have gathered at a number of eateries and other establishments near campus that are now no longer part of the Indiana cityscape.

These were some popular spots for students in past decades (the years indicate when the photos were taken). Do you know what’s in each location now?

Selections were based largely on the availability of historical photographs and mentions in Oak yearbooks. If you have a hangout or memory to share, IUP archivist Harrison Wick would love to hear from you. He’s also interested in acquiring IUP memorabilia, yearbooks, photos, and more. Contact him at hwick@iup.edu.

Click on any photo to launch a slideshow of the full-size versions.

photograph of Mister Donut storefront

Mister Donut (1982). Now: Venice Pizza, 504 South 13th Street.

photograph of the Hoagie Heaven storefront

Hoagie Heaven (1984). Now: Copies Plus, 1052 Oakland Avenue.

Photograph of the old TCBY storefront

TCBY (1987). Now: the Cloud Premium Vape Shop and Accessories, 1176 Grant Street #1150.

photograph of Campus Grill and Sweet Shoppe storefront

Campus Grill and Sweet Shoppe (1947, photo: John Busovicki Collection). “Homemade ice cream and candies.” Now: Italian Village Pizza, 633 Philadelphia Street

Capitol Restaurant Classroom Restaurant

(Top) Capitol Restaurant (c. 1960, photo: John Busovicki Collection) and (bottom) Classroom Restaurant (1978, photo: Indiana Gazette). “The home of sizzling steaks and chops. Most recently Cozumel (now closed), 626 Philadelphia Street

photo of Hess Brothers restaurant and bus terminal

Hess Brothers restaurant and bus terminal (1972, photo: Indiana gazette). “Indiana’s most complete; where people meet to eat.” Now: Tom’s Pizza and Restaurant, 11 South Seventh Street

photo of Kampus Kove

Kampus Kove (1953, photo: IUP Archives). “The college hangout.” Now: IUP Parking Garage, 1116 Grant Street

photo of Owens Food Market

Owens Food Market (1966). Now: Ninth Street Deli, 901 Philadelphia Street

photo of Pedro’s

Pedro’s (1978). Now: University Towers parking lot, 1016 Wayne Avenue

photo of Rend's bake shop

Rend’s Bake Shop (1955, photo: John Busovicki Collection). “Bakers of sugar and spice and all things nice.” Now: William & Mary Gift Shoppe, 18 South Seventh Street

dairy deli

Dairy-Dell (1959, photo:Indiana Gazette). “Dairy products build better bodies.” Now: H. B. Culpeppers, 653 Philadelphia Street

Pizza House: Through the Years

Under different names and ownerships, the restaurant now known as Pizza House has catered to college students for well over a century. Located across Oakland Avenue from the Oak Grove, it opened as Robert Morris’s grocery store in 1859, became Sharkey’s in 1898, Hess’ Cozy Corner in 1932, Rowley’s Cozy Corner in 1934, College Dairy Dell in 1938, McConn’s Restaurant in 1941, Deeds’ Restaurant in 1946, Barclay Restaurant in 1950, Wigwam in 1958, Lefty Raymond’s College Inn in 1962, Lucy’s University Inn in 1970, and finally Pizza House in 1974.* During the years when residential students had 15 minutes to go out at night, this was the place to be.

*Years and establishment names were included in a November 9, 1974, story in the Indiana Evening Gazette.

From top: College Dairy Dell (c. 1940), Deeds’ (1949), Lucy’s (1973), and Pizza House (1988 and 2017)

College Dairy Dell Deeds’ Restaurant Lucy’s University Inn Pizza  House Pizza  House