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A Site to Remember

In the months while Keith Hall was being dismantled and—alongside a mounting pile of debris—a dining hall was taking shape, alumni of the university and of Keith School would sometimes stop at the perimeter fence for one last, long look at the building they held dear.

In August, the North Dining Hall opened in Keith’s approximate footprint. Known for its modern facilities and global cuisine, the hall seats 600 and houses IUP’s central dining offices. Its construction was part of the Dining Innovations initiative’s final phase, which followed development of the Crimson Café, near Stabley Library, and renovation of Folger Dining Hall.

North Dining Hall

The western face of the North Dining Hall, with the Northern Suites in the background

Keith Hall

Keith Hall, from a similar angle, in 2003, with Gordon Hall (razed in 2007) behind it