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Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Note: The following letter references the story “ A Hell of a Ride,” from the fall/winter issue.

Also Along for the Ride

I would like to mention three other IUP safety graduates who were also part of the Space Shuttle program: Dan Gompers [’82] (Dan was also interviewed and hired by Guenter Wendt. He was hired a week before me in 1982.), Don Paniale [’85], and Mike Hughes [’01]. They played key roles in the safety of the program and are highly respected safety professionals.

Tom Goodenow ’81
Belle Isle, FL

Baking for Ma

I was reading the IUP Magazine Fall/Winter 2015 edition and saw the article on Ma Folger. I worked for her during the 1954–55, 1955–56, and 1956–57 school years in the bakery, which was under the Sutton dining room. She recruited me to work there. I worked in the morning getting the bread mixes ready, preparing the pans, getting the pies ready to be baked, helping to mix the ice cream to be served the next evening, and making special desserts (usually eclairs) for her guests. At noon, my tasks were to clean the pans and mop the bakery floor. In the evening, the bakery workers ate dinner with Ma Folger and then served the dessert for the waiters who took them to the students in the dining hall. She was a taskmaster, but she treated me very well. And yes, her dog was with her most of the time, even when she had special guests. The job in the bakery paid for my schooling at Indiana State Teachers College, so I never saw one cent of the pay.

Thank you for the memories of Ma Folger.

H. Clark Marshall ’57
Cranberry Township, PA

P.S. After I graduated, I was in the US Army Artillery for five-plus years, taught in western Pennsylvania for seven years, and then taught 27 years for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools at SHAPE High School in Mons, Belgium.

Mind the Back of the House

Ah, the opening of Folger Dining Hall in October 1972—I remember it!

A featured design concept included in Folger was a “scatter system,” where diners could get trays and silverware at one location, entrée in another, desserts in another, and beverages in yet another, which was a welcome departure from the traditional cafeteria line approach. Needless to say, it took some time for line-trained students to adapt to it, but they did.

Another memorable design feature was the not-too-well-thought-out “back of the house” dishwashing operation, which was, politely put, rather chaotic from the outset, with resulting “front of house” consequences.

So, it was with a modicum of satisfaction, when the vaunted paid designers visited to consult with the nameless rabble who comprised the dish crews to develop enhanced dishwashing processing strategies and techniques.

I learned a couple of fundamental lessons from that episode. First, include all users in early planning and design, no matter who they are. Second, befriend the wisest people in the building, who tend to be the back-of-house folks, like the janitor, the maintenance person, and the cafeteria staff—for they know it all. No kidding.

Charles Waszczak ’72
Enon, OH

Author’s Note: I graduated in the fall of 1972 with a BS in business and was a student employee for two years in Sutton and Foster dining halls. Prior to my graduation, I was hired by ARA as a manager trainee and was involved with the Folger Dining Hall opening. I departed shortly after the opening of Folger Dining Hall to fulfill my military commitment resulting from my draft notice and subsequent enlistment in the US Air Force.

Haul Out the Memories

As a past president of the IUP Alumni Association and a current board member of the Foundation for IUP, I read IUP Magazine cover to cover. While I always find the articles interesting and the photography wonderful, the Fall/Winter 2015 was of particular interest to me. In fact, it was perfectly timed!

Each year around Christmas, I find myself humming or singing along with many of the Christmas songs that are played in the malls and stores. I feel as though I know the lyrics to each and every Christmas song, thanks to a wonderful music teacher I had in elementary school. You can imagine my surprise when I sat down one evening after shopping to read the latest issue of IUP Magazine. Whom did I see gracing page 11 but my wonderful music teacher Mrs. Brown! I had no idea that “my” Mrs. Marian Templeton Brown attended Indiana State Teachers College.

While your article was a wonderful reflection of Mrs. Brown’s days on campus, I thought I’d tell you a little about the impact she has had on thousands of students within the Brentwood school district in Pittsburgh. Each year, she worked tirelessly to organize the annual Christmas concert at both Elroy and Moore elementary schools. She worked tirelessly to teach us the words and how to properly sing each of the holiday tunes, with the list of songs changing each year. (Looking back, I’m sure that it was somewhat like wrangling cats!) I doubt there is anyone who attended either school who doesn’t smile and sing along when they hear the program finale song:  “Haul Out the Holly.”

Thank you, Mrs. Brown, for your tireless efforts to bring music education to our little town and to generations of our students. It makes it even better now that I know she’s a fellow IUP alumna.

Sandy Koeppl Barsotti ’87

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