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Letters to the Editor

Tobogganers Identified

Our church choir director (Paula Werner Kretchman ’72) told me about the photo, so I dug up my copy of the magazine. I am on the front of the toboggan (Harold Garlick Jr. ’73). Behind me is Jocelyn Miller Laber ’73, then Don Douple ’72. The young lady behind Don is only a memory, as her face is not visible.

The Reverend Harold Garlick Jr.
Co-pastor, Amity Reformed Church (UCC)
Meyersdale, PA

More from the Slopes

I am writing in response to your request to identify the tobogganers in the photo titled “O’er the Fields” in the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of IUP Magazine . I recognized the picture right away. The person in the front is Hal Garlick. I am next, Jocelyn Miller Laber, and I believe the person behind me is Don Douple. There would have been a fourth person in the back, a girl (you can see her arm sticking out behind Don), because as I recall, there were four of us together that day. Unfortunately, since I can’t see her face, I don’t remember who it was. I was a freshman then, living in fourth floor John Sutton Hall, and Hal and Don were sophomores.

I graduated from IUP in 1973 and am currently living with my husband, Gary Laber (also an IUP graduate—1972), in Derby, Vermont. It was quite a surprise to see that photo—thank you!

Jocelyn Miller Laber ’73
Derby, VT

Editor’s Note: IUP archivist Harrison Wick also received a response to the photo from Vicky Baran Daskivich ’72, who was in Alpha Phi sorority with Jocelyn Miller Laber.

Labor of Love

Enclosed are materials related to our discussion of the recent Phi Alpha Zeta/Tau Kappa Epsilon luncheon reunion in Carlisle.

After lunch, the 14 in attendance walked across the street to the Cumberland County Historical Society’s wonderful museum. There, Barb McGeary [Barbara Conner McGeary ’54] shared her mural (12’x8’) with our group and gave us the background of this monumental project which she completed in 2005.

In August of 2004, the Cumberland County Historical Society approached her to create a large, illustrated map of Cumberland County for its new museum. Specific buildings and sites were agreed upon, and she began the illustrations by early October 2004. Structures that were no longer in existence had to be researched from the collection of old photographs and records in the society’s library.

Barbara McGeary and her map

Barbara McGeary and her map of Cumberland County

The magnitude of this project and the research behind it speak volumes to visitors to the museum. Seventy illustrations capture these significant landmarks for future generations to admire and enjoy.

The person behind this labor of love, Barb McGeary, made a selfless contribution to her community. I believe that it would be great for others from IUP to know about this work and to have an opportunity to visit and discover for themselves a very unique historical statement in art. Speaking as an IUP graduate, one has to be extremely proud of the work of this fellow alumna.

Richard St. Clair ’56
Port Matilda

Editor’s Note: Find information about visiting the Cumberland County Historical Society. News of the mural was announced in the Spring 2007 edition of IUP Magazine.

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