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  • We welcome questions from library patrons and visitors. If you have a question, just connect to our Ask a Librarian service and send it our way!

    We encourage you to come to the Reference Desk when you need research assistance and for other help using library collections. A trained reference librarian is available most library hours to assist you in person or by phone at 724-357-3006.

    What sorts of questions may I ask?

    • The LibAnswers reference service is designed to assist users in using our collection, answering simple inquires, helping them begin their research, and suggesting possible print or electronic resources and search strategies.
    • Whenever possible, users will be referred to electronic resources that may provide them with the information requested.

    When can I expect an answer?

    Questions will be answered as soon as possible, but always within two work days of submission of inquiry. Inquiries submitted over the weekend will be answered within the first two days of the following work week.

    Who will answer my questions?

    Reference librarians and subject specialists will answer questions.

    Are there any restrictions?

    • Yes. The same restrictions apply to e-reference questions as apply to general reference inquiries.
    • Interpretations of information cannot be given.
    • We cannot perform searches for users, create and check lists or bibliographies, answer questions about medical or legal matters, or give medical or legal advice. We also cannot answer questions about citation forms, look up statistics, or do class assignments, though we are delighted to point users in the right direction to materials which can help them find information themselves.