Library Instruction/Information Literacy Sessions

  • Any IUP faculty member may request a Library Instruction session. These sessions introduce students to library resources pertinent to the subject matter being taught and/or any course assignments.

    Since our instructional space in the library is limited and heavily used, if you anticipate incorporating library instruction into your courses, we encourage you to reserve session dates early in the semester. This helps in two ways:

    1. We can ensure availability of library classrooms and library faculty to provide instruction; and
    2. You can time the session to coincide with a specific assignment (which we have found greatly improves the retention and relevance of library instruction).

    The minimum lead time required to schedule and prepare for a session is usually one week, based on room availability. Faculty members are kindly asked to remain with their students during the instruction sessions.

    Library Instruction sessions are taught during the summer. However, not all librarians have the same work schedule during summer sessions. Please check with the instruction librarian late in the spring semester or early in the summer if you would like to schedule library instruction sessions during the summer. You can also call the reference desk (724-357-3006) to confirm or get help in scheduling a class.

    Instruction Session Request Form

    Library Tours

    Individual tours may be requested by any IUP student, staff, or faculty member for basic instruction on using our Online Catalog or our Article Databases.

    Librarians are also available, by appointment, to assist students with information access and retrieval concerning specific assignments and research projects. Please phone the reference desk (724-357-3006) to inquire about these services, or e-mail our Information Literacy Librarian, Maria Barefoot, at