Progress Updates

  • What We’ve Accomplished

    In spring 2021, the project reached a successful conclusion with the deaccessioning of roughly 43,000 titles, modernizing our collection and keeping it relevant and aligned with the university mission. 

    • In early spring 2021, the Book Removal Task Force announced that they’d completed the removal of all titles flagged for deaccessioning. 
    • In January 2020, the IUP Library Book Removal Task Force commenced the final steps of the process, removing items from the catalog and then from the shelves.
    • Final reviews of collections are underway through collaboration between faculty members and librarians. We encourage faculty members to contact their bibliographer and visit the library to review their area of the collection. We anticipate starting the removal process in January 2020. 
    • Completed review of candidate titles for deaccessioning and removal from the Libraries' collections.
    • Hosted the first “Wine & Weed” event at the IUP Libraries on March 22, 2019, inviting President Driscoll, Provost Moerland, and faculty and administrators from across the university to join us for refreshments, an opportunity to look at the collections, see current progress on selecting titles to be deaccessioned, and identify any titles that they would like the library to keep.
    • Reorganized reference collection to accommodate the arrival of the University College.
    • Evaluated and selected Integrated Library System software tools for Phase IV of project.
    • Reviewed approximately 70 percent of the Phase II refined lists, and marked titles to be deaccessioned.
    • Refined the Greenglass title list in preparation for Phase II review, incorporating new criteria developed during planning, faculty feedback, and department-specific feedback.
    • Received feedback on the Greenglass list, feedback, and information about essential works from numerous departments, including:.
      • Communications Media
      • English
      • Food and Nutrition
      • Geography and Regional Planning
      • Geoscience
      • Hospitality and Management
      • Human Development, Fashion, and Interior Design
      • Mathematical and Computer Sciences
      • Music
      • Professional Studies in Education
      • Student Affairs in Higher Education
    • Hosted Department Liaison and Department Chair meeting on May 8, 2018, to discuss the Deaccessioning Process and solicit feedback

    Your feedback on the deaccessioning process is very valuable. Visit How to Participate to find out how you can contact us and provide suggestions or voice concerns.


    In the course of our work, we’ve also encountered and addressed certain challenges.

    Challenge Solution
    Several library faculty members were diverted from the Phase II review of the Greenglass lists to assist with the preparation for the University College. Projected completion date for Phase II has been extended to February 2019.
    At the end of the fall 2018 semester, our cataloger will retire from her work as an IUP faculty member. This will extend the time required to fully deaccession and remove titles from our collections. We have requested permission for a faculty search for a cataloger, and will adjust the anticipated completion date of Phase IV to account for our reduced cataloging capability.