​How to Participate

  • The library has gathered a large amount of useful information about the IUP collections with our GreenGlass analysis tool, which will inform our decisions about keeping or removing physical books.

    However, data alone are not enough to make the decision to keep or remove a title, and the library wants the input of disciplinary experts to help make the final call.

    Essential Works

    That’s where you come in! We would like our academic departments to help our librarians develop lists of works that the departments feel are essential and must be retained in our collections in physical form. Faculty librarians will work to prepare lists of essential works for various disciplines, and reach out to the departmental faculty liaisons to collaborate on the further development of these lists and any unique criteria regarding specific disciplines.

    The lists will be compared to our data, and titles appearing on the lists will be moved to the “retain in physical collections” category.

    The committee hopes to have lists of essential works available by June 2018, so the refinement portion of Phase II can begin over the summer. If you have questions about the lists, your role in their development, or any part of this step, please contact us at library-deaccessioning@iup.edu.

    Faculty Review

    After refining the list of candidate titles that are candidates for deaccessioning, there will be an opportunity for review and comment by the university community. The library will make available the refined lists of titles under consideration for deaccessioning, and invite the faculty and other members of the university community to review the lists and ask questions, provide comment, and make recommendations regarding individual titles on those lists.