IUP and HathiTrust

  • Partnership Status Update

    Due to financial and legal complexities, the acquisition of HathiTrust partnership is currently on hold. 

    Becoming a HathiTrust partner reflects the IUP Libraries’ commitment to supporting digital repositories, collaborative access to scholarly information, and open content initiatives. We join academic and research institutions around the world to support HathiTrust's goal of curation, preservation, and access to the scholarly record.

    Through our partnership, access to research and scholarly materials at IUP will expand greatly, with library users enjoying access to:

    • Full access to more than 6 million public domain titles, discoverable through our library search

    • Over 67,000 open-access titles

    • Full-text searching across the entire HathiTrust repository

    • Bulk data availability for text mining, research, and collaborative tools for analyzing the corpus of digital text

    • Tools for integrating HathiTrust holdings into courses, custom collections, and research guides

    Visit HathiTrust to learn more about the trust, its digital library, collaborative programs, and research center.