IUP Libraries Policies

  • Collection Development Policy

    Collection development is the process through which library faculty members identify the subject areas in which materials will be collected, the depth and breadth of the materials to be collected, and the appropriate formats of those materials, while remaining within our budget, availability, and compatibility constraints.

    Library faculty members regularly assess the collection’s strengths and weaknesses, filling gaps where possible and weeding as needed. Library bibliographers, who work with the academic departments, are principally responsible for making purchase decisions for library materials, ensuring current and relevant collections, and being good stewards of the library's collections.

    Library bibliographers also disseminate information about the library to department faculty members, teach library instruction classes, and assist faculty members in making the best use of the library and associated information resources.

    Policies Regarding Particular Formats or Collections of Materials

    Policy Regarding Controversial Materials 

    Duplication and Replacement Policies 

    Retrospective Purchasing