About Our Collection

  • The goal of Collection Development is to select, maintain, and preserve excellent information resources within a sustainable budget. Flexibility to shape and strengthen the collection is built into these processes as research trends shift worldwide and academic program offerings evolve at IUP. As a framework, these ongoing processes cultivate the collection and structure decision-making for specific resources.

    • Selection of new resource to enhance the existing collection
    • Maintenance and management of the collections to provide access and discoverability to information resources
    • Renewal or nonrenewal of subscriptions with a commitment to the evidence-based decision-making with iterative assessments on content and usage
    • Preservation and effective stewardship of library resources that ensures future access and usability
    • Deselection and removal with a focus on sustainable funding and resources

    This framework is carefully considered within budgetary, technological, and space limitations by the library faculty and administration in the context of current and future information needs of the university community.

    Contact Collection Development

    For questions, comments, or more information about our liaison program or collection building processes, please contact Emily Szitas, collection development librarian, at eszitas@iup.edu.