Viewing Your Library Account

  • Your library account keeps track of the materials you have checked out, due dates, renewing items, and any fines or fees that are due. Accessing your account through our new Library Search is easy! Just follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Library website.

    2. Click the Search button (you don’t have to enter anything in the search field).
    Library Search Button

    3. Click on the "Login" link at the upper right corner of the Library Search page.
    Library Account Login Link

    4. The link will change to say "Sign In." Use the same information you would use to sign in to MyIUP.
    Sign-in Link Screenshot

    5. Where it says "edu" in this demonstration image, you will see your name, last name first. Click on your name to access more options.
    Edu link screenshot

    6. Click on My Library Card. This will take you to your account overview.
    My Library Card Screenshot

    Renewing Items

    When your checked-out items are nearing their renewal date, the library system will automatically renew the item for you. Once your maximum number of renewals (two for undergraduates, graduate students, and community members; three for faculty, staff, and administrators) is reached, you will be required to return the borrowed materials.

    Fines and Fees

    All student fines and fees will be automatically transferred to the Office of the Bursar for payment through your MyIUP account. Faculty, staff, administrators, and community members will need to pay their fines and fees at the circulation desk.

    Failure to receive sent notices does not eliminate incurred fines or fees.