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    Please note: We can not accept reservations for less than 48 hours in advance. Please make sure your reservation date is at least two days from today.

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    Terms of Use and Submission Info

    Terms of Use

    • Library-provided tables are to be used solely by persons representing university-related groups.
    • Tables must remain on the first floor of Stapleton Library where they are set up. Do not exceed more than two chairs per table. Extra chairs (beyond what is reserved) may not be used at or around the table(s).
    • Users are expected to occupy their tables for the entire time period requested.
    • Do not affix banners or fliers to the walls of the library. The use of display boards (provided by the user) is encouraged.
    • Activities must fall in line with appropriate noise levels.
    • The use of paints, dyes, or other substances that may cause permanent damage to the tables, building, or other furnishings is prohibited.
    • Sales or distribution of items is permitted provided that the items are not considered offensive under University guidelines. Complaints about sales of inappropriate items will be referred to the Office of Social Equity.
    • Sales or distribution of food items will be permitted pending receipt of a signed Food Refreshment Waiver Form from Aramark. Please do not submit your table request until you have hand-delivered this signed document to a supervisor at the Library Circulation desk. Please allow at least two weeks for Aramark’s approval.  
    • Users are responsible for taking reasonable measures to ensure the cleanliness of library facilities.
    • Items used during your reservation must be removed at the end of your reservation time. Users are responsible for leaving the tables in the same condition as when they arrived.
    • The IUP Libraries is not responsible for the security of any items used during your reservation.
    • The IUP Libraries reserves the right to refuse the use of tables at any time, based on criteria outlined in the University Civility Code or library policies.
    • Two violations of the "Terms of Use" will result in the suspension of a group's use of tables for one calendar year following the second violation.


    • Ensure that your form is filled out completely and accurately describes the activities you are planning. An IUP Libraries representative will contact you via e-mail within 48 hours to notify you of the status of your request. We reserve the right to refuse a request.
    • Your table will be designated by a sign reflecting the particulars of your request.

    I have read the "Terms of Use" and agree that all members of the organization will follow the guidelines set forth.