I-Search: IUP Libraries Discovery Service

  • Our new library system, powered by Primo, allows you to search our collections right from our home page. The library catalog, our list of electronic journals, and our electronic databases can all be searched from the same starting point.

    What Do the Tabs Mean?

    • Everything: Selecting this tab searches the Library Catalog (which includes print and electronic journals and books), our electronic databases (containing millions of scholarly and popular articles), and a source called Primo Central, a specialized index of more than 1,300 electronic resources.
    • Library Catalog: This tab focuses your search on items held by the IUP Libraries (including print and electronic materials). If you’re looking for a book, or want to see if we own a journal, select Library Catalog to search.
    • Find an E-Journal: Select this tab to find out whether we have online access to full-text articles from a particular journal. You can use journal titles, or keywords (such as topics or subjects). Once you locate a journal, click on the result to find out how to access full-text articles. Make sure you’ve signed in to get complete access to our subscriptions!
    • Find a Research Guide: This tab searches our librarian-created Research Guides. These guides are specialized websites that collect information, useful resources, research recommendations, and other tips to help you research a particular topic, or succeed in a particular course. 

    And the Buttons?

    We want you to have access to the resources and support services you need quickly and conveniently. The four buttons located beneath the search bar are designed to help you learn about our research support services, connect with faculty librarians for in-depth help, and get direct access to specialized sources if you need them.

    • Research Desk: This links to information about the services you can find at our Research Desk (formerly the Reference Desk).
    • Send us a Question: Click this button to send us a question at any time. Our librarians will all receive an e-mail with your question, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.
    • Make an Appointment: Our librarians are all highly trained in using library resources and developing search strategies that get you to the information you need. If you have an assignment, project, or other question and you’d like a one-on-one consultation with a librarian, click here to make an appointment to meet with a librarian.
    • Library Databases: Sometimes you know exactly what information source you need to use—if that’s the case, click on the Library Databases button to jump to our Database Page, where you can select databases by name or subject area. 

    Sign In for Improved Results

    While you can search our library at any time, if you sign in to the library service, you will be presented with results tailored to IUP’s holdings, and you’ll have access to many other features like information about your library account (for instance, what items you’ve checked out), as well as a favorites area where you can save articles, books, and citations as you research.

    To sign in, you’ll need to first open the search page. If you are at the library home page, just click the Search button (you don’t even need any search terms). 

    Once the search page opens, the login prompt is found in the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking that will take you to the IUP Single Sign-On screen, where you can enter your IUP network username and password.