Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sport, BS

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    Dr. Mark Sloniger works with students on measuring aerobic fitness levels through oxygen consumption in the Exercise Physiology lab.

    Take Your Interest in Exercise, Fitness, or Rehabilitation to a Professional Level

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate exercise science program is designed to prepare students for their chosen profession in multiple settings. If you have an interest in exercise, fitness, health, or rehabilitation, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Sport, Exercise Science at IUP will give you an opportunity to work in some of the fastest growing job markets in the country.

    You’ll take coursework in Anatomy and Exercise Physiology as well as more specialized classes, such as Exercise Prescription and Aging. You’ll have the opportunity for hands-on learning in coursework such as Aerobic Leadership and Strength Practicum as well as in an internship to conclude your academic program.

    The Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Science Department at IUP offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field of exercise science. The undergraduate Bachelor of Science program in Exercise Science was accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program in 2008. It is considered a “Founding Accredited Exercise Science Program” as the ninth program nationwide to receive this designation. In addition, our Exercise Science program is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Please view the most recent Exercise Science program outcomes (PDF).

    Program Goals and Objectives

    • To prepare students for a variety of career opportunities within the health and fitness industry.

    • To ensure students have the minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities for entry level positions in health, fitness, and sport

    • To prepare for advanced degrees and certifications in a variety of health and fitness organizations, including ACSM and the NSCA.

    Program Outcomes

    • Student satisfaction rated at 4.2/5 for class of 2019

    • Retention rate for freshman to sophomore class was 87.5 percent

    • National Certification pass rate for ACSM CEP exam was 75.8 percent

    What You’ll Become

    The BS in Physical Education and Sport–Exercise Science prepares you for a career in areas such as personal training, corporate and community fitness, wellness coaching, and cardiac rehabilitation. In addition, students find employment as strength and conditioning specialists and exercise physiologists.

    Many graduates with this degree also pursue postgraduate programs in physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic medicine, physician’s assistant, and other allied health programs.

    Why Study Exercise Science at IUP?

    • As an undergraduate or graduate student, you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including an environmental chamber, strength lab, and underwater weighing tank. You can always use the James G. Mill fitness center as a working environment, giving you hands-on experience to work with your classmates, professors, and staff as well as members of the community.

    • Earn practical experience as part of our internship network. Our students can take advantage of more than 300 affiliated internship sites across 11 states, including the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, George Washington University, and the Human Motion Institute. Here, you can translate your classroom learning into real-life workforce experience and maximize your chances for employment.

    • Fast-track your education through our master’s degree in Exercise Science. You can continue your education through our 4+1 accelerated program, in which you begin to take master’s-level classes during your junior year in college so that you can earn your MS degree in two semesters at a significantly lower cost. Graduate assistantships are also available to ease the financial burden.

    • Study in a CAAHEP-accredited exercise science program where your classes match course content to national certification exams offered by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. You are then able to graduate with a nationally recognized certifications that employers look for. Our program outcomes below, including examination pass rates, showcase this success.

    Exercise Science Curriculum

    For descriptions of individual courses, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

    Liberal Studies

    As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications: 44 credits

    English Composition: 6cr, ENGL 101, ENGL 202

    Mathematics: 3cr, MATH 217

    Humanities: 9cr, HIST 196, 197, or 198; ENGL 121, 210, or FNLG 121; PHIL 101, 120, 221, 222, 223, RLST 100, 110, 250 or 290

    Fine Arts (choose one): 3cr, ARHI 101, MUHI 101, THTR 101, THTR 102

    Natural Science: 8cr, BIOL 104 (4cr); BIOL 106/116 (4cr)

    Social Science: 9cr, PSYC 101, SOC 151, Global and Multicultural Awareness

    Health and Wellness: 3cr, KHSS 143, FDNT 143, or NURS 143

    Liberal Studies Elective: 3cr, FDNT 145

    Exercise Science Core (Required), 57–58 credits
    Course Number Course Name Credits
    BIOL 240 Human Physiology 4cr
    KHSS 146 Foundations of Exercise Science 1cr
    KHSS 175 Prevention and Care 2cr
    KHSS 209 Motor Behavior 3cr
    KHSS 221 Human Structure and Function, or 3cr
    BIOL 150 Human Anatomy (w/lab) 4cr
    KHSS 285 Group/Ind. Exercise Leadership 3cr
    KHSS 286 Strength/Personal Train. Practicum 3cr
    KHSS 287 Aquatic Fitness Instruction 1cr
    KHSS 315 Biomechanics 3cr
    KHSS 343 Physiology of Exercise 3cr
    KHSS 344 Adapted Physical Activity and Sport 3cr
    KHSS 347 Phys of Exercise Lab 1cr
    KHSS 375 Physiological Basis of Strength T. 3cr
    KHSS 410 Exercise Prescription 3cr
    KHSS 411 Physical Fitness Appraisal 3cr
    KHSS 413 Physical Activity and Aging 3cr
    KHSS 415 Lifestyle Behavior Modification 3cr
    KHSS 414 Exercise Echocardiography, or 3cr
    KHSS 416 Functional Training in S. & C. 3cr
    KHSS 492 Health Fitness Instruction 3cr
    KHSS 493 Exercise Science Internship 9cr
    Controlled Electives, 2–3 credits
    Course Number Course Name Credits
    BIOL 200 Medical Terminology 2cr
    KHSS 292 Introduction to Sports Management 3cr
    KHSS 373 Bus. Admin In the Fitness Industry 3cr
    KHSS 476 Corrective Ex for Health and Fitness Prac 3cr
    KHSS 493 Internship (additional) 3cr

    Exercise Science Credits: 58–60cr

    Free Electives: 16cr

    Total Degree Requirements: 120 Credits

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