Sport Administration, Physical Education and Sport, BS

  • Krystle Lucci

    HANDS-ON EXPERIENCES, INTERNSHIPS — Krystle Lucci, BS in Sport Administration, MS in Sport Science: “During my junior year, I was an intern for the facility operations supervisor at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex. I gained the most hands-on, valuable experience that I possibly could, not only on the operations side, but on the events management side as well.”

    The Road to a Management Position in the Sports Industry

    Athletics and business team up to create a winning combination in the Sport Administration, Physical Education and Sport major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In this degree program, you’ll take a core of major classes and a set of sport administration courses that will give you the foundation you’ll need for your career. You’ll also take classes to earn a minor in business.

    At IUP, you’ll enroll in classes such as Prevention and Care of Injuries to the Physically Active, Motor Behavior, Human Structure and Function, Aquatic Facilities Management, Law and Issues in Managing Sport, and Managing Facilities and Events in Sports. You’ll also take an internship. For your business minor, you’ll study accounting, finance, marketing, and communications. The program offers practical application experience through a supervised internship experience. The program curriculum adheres to the guidelines set by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation.

    What You’ll Become

    Graduates pursue jobs in college athletic departments, community recreation organizations, major- and minor-league sport franchises, commercial sport facilities, golf courses, gyms, and businesses that produce or sell sports equipment. This program does not lead to teacher certification for schools.

    Sport administration/management is an interdisciplinary profession that matches business expertise with the knowledge of sport. Sport managers use a variety of skills in a management capacity within the growing sport industry.

    Students develop knowledge of the ethical, financial, economic, social, and legal aspects of the sport industry. Students can seek employment in school and college athletic departments, coaching, community recreation organizations, minor and major league franchises, commercial sport facilities, the YMCA system, and the golf industry, as well as other athletic and sport-related industries.

    Sport Administration Curriculum

    Liberal Studies: As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications: Total Credits: 47

    Mathematics: MATH 217

    Natural Science: BIOL 104, and 4 credit lab science

    Social Science: ECON 121, PSYC 101

    Liberal Studies Electives: 6cr, BTED/COSC/IFMG 101, ECON 122, no courses with KHSS prefix  

    Core Requirements: 15 credits
    Course No. Course Name Credits
    KHSS 135 Careers in Kines, Health & Sport 1cr
    KHSS 175 Prevention and Care 2cr.
    KHSS 209 Motor Behavior 3cr
    KHSS 225 Social Issues in Sport 3cr
    KHSS 341 Evaluations in HPE 3cr
    KHSS 437
    KHSS 344
    Coaching Disability Sport or KHSS
    Adapted Physical Activity and Sport
    Sport Administration Requirements: 39 credits
    Course No. Course Name Credits
    KHSS 256 Applied Human Structure and Conditioning 3cr
    KHSS 280 Aquatic Facilities Management 3cr
    KHSS 292 Introduction to Sport Management 3cr 
    KHSS 319 Pre-Professional Experience  3cr
    KHSS 320 Managing Facilities and Events in Sport 3cr
    KHSS 351 Managing Budgets and Technology in Sport  3cr
    KHSS 445 Business Practices in Sport 3cr
    KHSS 460 Law and Issues in Managing Sport 3cr
    KHSS 465 Sport Management Capstone 3cr
    KHSS 493 Internship 3cr
    ACCT 201 Accounting Principles I  3cr
    MGMT 310 Principles of Management 3cr
    MKTG 320 Principles of Marketing  3cr
    Controlled Electives: 6 credits
    Course No. Course name Credits
    ACCT 202 Accounting Principles II 3cr
    BCOM 321 Business and Interpersonal Comm. 3cr
    COMM 150 Aesthetics and Theory of Comm Media 3cr
    COMM 251 Television Production 3cr
    ECON 239 Economics of Sports 3cr
    FIN 310 Fundamentals of Finance  3cr
    HOSP 115 Introduction to Tourism 3cr
    HOSP 280 Introduction to Special Events 3cr
    KHSS 315 Biomechanics 3cr
    KHSS 333 Psyschology of Coaching 3cr
    KHSS 335 Athletic Coaching 3cr
    KHSS 343 Physiology of Exercise 3cr
    KHSS 375 Physiological Basis of Strength Training 3cr
    KHSS 412 Physical Activity and Stress Management 3cr
    KHSS 441 Psychosocial Implications for HPE 3cr
    MGMT 275 Intro to Entrepreneurship 3cr
    MGMT 300 Human Resource Management 3cr
    MKTG 321 Consumer Behavior 3cr

    Total Degree Requirements: 120

    For more information, contact Dr. Joshua Castle: or 724-357-6248.