Center for Sports Science and Research

  • Dr. Hayden Gerhart, Director
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Zink Hall
    1190 Maple Street
    Indiana, PA 15705

    Phone: 724-357-5508
    Fax: 724-357-2771

    The Center for Sports Science and Research serves IUP and the surrounding community in providing lifestyle interventions.

    Specifically, the center provides the following services:

    • Disease and health education programs (including but not limited to weight management, stress management, smoking cessation)
    • Personalized fitness/health screenings and assessment (including but not limited to cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure screening, and fitness assessments)
    • Specialized fitness intervention programs (including but not limited to exercise strategies for high risk populations)
      • Exercise programming for at-risk populations
      • Strength and Conditioning programs for high school athletes
      • School age children
    • Educational and research opportunity partnerships with school systems, healthcare organizations and local businesses
      • PIAA Weight/Body Composition Appeal Site for high school wrestling

    Service area and target populations:

    • IUP students, faculty, administrators, and staff
    • Family members of IUP faculty, administrators, and staff
    • Residents of Indiana County and surrounding counties
    • School districts in Western Pennsylvania
    • Employees of business operations in the service area

    The center features state-of-the-art equipment, including:

    • BodPod (body composition)
    • Hydrostatic Weighing (body composition)
    • Cholestech (full lipid panel testing with fasting glucose)
    • Metabolic Analysis for peak exercise and resting basal metabolic rate
    • Blood Lactate Testing

    The fee for the programs and classes offered by the Center are based upon the associated expenses for operation.