Majors in Journalism and Public Relations

HELPING HER FIND WAYS TO PUBLISH HER WRITING :  The Journalism and Public Relations Department gave Natalie-Mae Schaefer online and print outlets for her writing, helping her develop published clips of her work she can use to stand out at job interviews after graduation.
The Journalism BA and the minor in Jourmalism are offered by the Department of Communications Media.

Become a Voice in Online Reporting and Social Media

With a Journalism and Public Relations degree from IUP, you won't be limited in your choice of career. As the digital universe expands, so too will your opportunities. Major industries report that they are looking for graduates who have developed excellent communication skills. Clear thinking, speaking, and writing are prized attributes. By dedicating yourself to learning these core skills, you plant the seeds for an exciting future. Your professors will help you to discover, strengthen, and polish your written "voice."

Journalism and Public Relations, BA

  • Embrace the ever-changing world of news coverage and public relations. This major is ideal if a variety of coursework excites you.
  • Mold the coursework to suit your goals. Having to take only six required courses allows you to choose an additional six journalism electives from an extensive list that includes cutting-edge courses like Truthiness, Entertainment PR, Media Convergence, and Sports Journalism, just to name a few.
  • Outside the major, you have the flexibility of taking at least 10 more courses (30 credits) in absolutely anything you want. You'll have room in your schedule to add a minor or certificate in a related field or add classes in something unrelated that you really want to study.
  • Learn a new language. Your ability to speak to diverse groups is enhanced by a set of classes that introduce you to speaking a foreign language.

Minor in Journalism and Public Relations

  • Complement your chosen major by developing the critical thinking and writing skills offered by the Journalism and Public Relations Department's 18-credit minor.
  • With only three required courses, you may choose three additional journalism or public relations courses to fit your interests that will fulfill the minor.