Backing Up Survey Results

  • Survey results will be purged after 28 days. If you wish to keep a copy of your survey results for your own records, you will need to copy the files to another secure location on the network, such as your H drive. You should not copy these files to portable devices such as flash drives, CDs, or DVDs.

    To backup your survey results, it’s best to copy the entire folder for a specific survey. Copying the entire folder (not just the folder contents) will prevent overwriting a file with the same name. 

    To copy the folder, you will need to map the drive using the path as indicated, substituting your own username for USERNAME:

    • PC Users: \\\share\dispatch\USERNAME 
    • Mac Users: smb://

    See How to Map the Standard IUP Network Drives for information on mapping drives. If you are not on campus, you will need to make a connection to the virtual private network (VPN) before you can access the files. See Virtual Private Network for information on connecting to the VPN.